Why inventory list is important when moving from Miami to LA

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People say that moving is one of the hardest tasks you’ll have to do. So we at NationwideMovers Florida would like to make that task easier for you. If you plan everything carefully and you have an inventory list you won’t have any problems. So we strongly advise you to make an inventory before you move. Let’s see how why an inventory list is important when moving from Miami to LA.

An inventory list is important to know what you own

First of all, let’s talk about what is an inventory list. An inventory list is a list of your personal belongings (items). You’ll need to create it for yourself so you know what you own, how many things you have, etc. One more reason which is more important when moving is insurance. You’ll have to prepare:

  • Purchase receipts
  • Descriptions of the product
  • Model specifications and serial numbers
  • Photos of products
  • Guarantee if you have it
An inventory full of numbers and words;
Creating an inventory is just as important for you as it’s important for your insurance company. It’ll make both of your lives easier.

Most of these things are necessary for the insurance company so they can create a policy for you, but we’ll talk about that later in more detail. Now when you’ve gathered all the information you’ll have to make a template you can do it on paper or a phone, or laptop it doesn’t matter. Our pick would be Excell or Word if you’re using Windows, they are easy to use and most people know how to work in them.

Decluttering is important when moving from Miami to LA

An inventory list is very important when moving from Miami to LA when it comes to decluttering. If you don’t have an inventory list this could take a lot of time. Decluttering is also a great way to find out what items will even make it on the list. We recommend if you’re moving from Miami to Los Angeles, or anywhere else do the following. Divide the list into four parts: throw, keep, donate, and sell. This is the first challenge in the top 5 challenges when you’re moving nationwide. When you start collecting your things and putting them into one of these four categories you’ll also see approximately how much packing material you’ll need. Packing materials are bubble wraps, boxes, blankets, markers, tapes, etc.

Now if you are a more eco-friendly type of person and you would like to organize a green move we have some tips for you. You can use any empty containers like drawers, giant shopping bags, suitcases, boxes that you already own, boxes outside the stores, etc. You can also ask your neighbors to borrow you some suitcases that are old or if they want to throw some or if they have anything that can be used as a container.

Girl holding a box on which is written donat;
If you don’t want to throw away some things, you can’t sell them but you don’t want to take them with you, the best option is to donate them!

An inventory list is important for insurance companies

So let’s say that you’re moving from Miami to Los Angeles and when you arrive some of your possessions are broken. Well, who will you blame, and more importantly what can you do about it? Well if you have insurance your movers and insurance company will cover the estimated damage. That is why they need proof and it’s the best idea if they could also pack your things. Since the professionals can do it faster more reliable and more effective. So short descriptions, a photo, and if you know the price and have a receipt that would be perfect. Don’t worry just get the insurance and you can sleep tightly.

Why is an inventory list important when renting a storage

Now that you’ve packed your things and you want to store some of them that would be the fifth element on your inventory. You’ve trashed, packed, donated, and sold, but some of them you still want to keep but the moving truck is full. So what can you do? Rent storage or buy one! If you have a bigger house where you can fit even some extra stuff you should hire storage if you want to keep some of your memories. You’ll probably have a hard time fitting in your new design or space all of your old memories, but if you’ve figured that one out you’re a genius.

Two men walking around a storage, thinking why inventory list is important when moving from Miami to LA;
Storages are getting more popular nowadays since more and more people want to preserve many different things.

Unpacking is easier with an inventory list when moving from Miami to LA

Unpacking is as important as packing itself. You’ll need to think about this whole thing. Since you’ll have to figure out when and where to put each box. This is why labeling is important. So if you’re moving from Florida to California you should know that what you put in first will get out last. Now here is where an inventory kicks in since it’ll be much easier to organize the whole truck. You’ll need inventory if you DIY or do it with a moving company. Since people will just start putting the boxes right in, now you have to organize in which order will they put the boxes.

Now once you know all of this you can start planning your move right away. Moving is one of these things where timing is really important. You’ll have to make an inventory, be creative and organize for the move to be super easy for your and your family. Thank you once again and we hope that you liked our reason for why an inventory list is important when moving from Miami to LA. Stress-free move here we come!


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