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When it comes to moving across state lines, timing is everything. The significance of timing in the context of interstate moves cannot be overstated, especially in terms of financial impact. Just like how airlines and hotels fluctuate their prices based on demand, so do moving companies. Finding quality and affordable nationwide movers will be a must, and many factors will impact the final price. When choosing a moving company, know that when you choose to move can make a substantial difference in your overall expenses. So, when is the cheapest time to move to another state? Let’s get into more detail about that.

Budget-friendly parts of the year

Often, there will be certain parts of the year that are cheaper than others. When it comes to seasons, spring and fall emerge as the most budget-friendly times of the year. For that reason, if you plan an interstate move on a budget, picking these can help you save money. During these months, the mild weather not only makes the physical process of packing, loading, and unloading more comfortable but it also avoids winter complications like snow or summer’s intense heat.

A person circling a date on a calendar with a red marker
The cheapest time to move to another state will be either during spring or fall

Additionally, these seasons experience lower demand for cross country movers Florida has to offer, leading to more competitive rates. Industry statistics indicate that moving during spring or fall can result in a cost reduction of 20-30% compared to peak summer months. To secure these advantages, we strongly recommend booking your moving services well in advance.

Try to squeeze your move in the middle of the month

Moving during the middle weeks of a month offers a strategic financial advantage compared to the start or end of the month. This is largely because the majority of apartment leases and home closings occur at the beginning or end of a month. That will significantly drive up demand and the prices for moving services. When you opt to move mid-month, you’re more likely to find negotiable rates. Additionally, lower demand during these periods provides a prime opportunity for negotiating with your moving company.

The summer months will be the ones to avoid

Summer months, specifically from June to August, are widely recognized as the peak moving season. During this period, the demand for moving services skyrockets, leading to a corresponding increase in prices. On top of that, if you’re moving from Florida to California, the temperatures can get very high during a summer interstate move. Limited availability of moving trucks, crews, and other resources further worsens the situation, driving costs even higher. Moving professionals often suggest considering alternative months, such as May or September, to avoid this problem. These months provide a more budget-friendly window for your move while still offering favorable weather conditions.

Holidays won’t be the cheapest time to move to another state

Though the idea of moving during major holidays or peak vacation times may initially seem convenient, it’s generally a decision best avoided. The primary drawbacks include inflated moving costs and increased logistical challenges. These issues often arise because of a reduced workforce available on holidays and a surge in demand for moving services as people try to capitalize on their time off. On the flip side, the periods immediately following holidays often experience a decrease in demand, creating a more budget-friendly window for your move. To take advantage of this, we recommend scheduling your move well in advance and maintaining flexibility with your dates.

A father and daughter hugging during the holidays
Holidays are there for relaxing and not moving

The school year can greatly impact the cost and schedule of your move

For families with school-aged children, the timing of a move can present additional challenges, especially if it falls within the academic year. However, this choice can also be more budget-friendly. Moves during summer align with school breaks, thereby pushing up demand and costs for moving services. In contrast, planning your move to coincide with the academic calendar, such as during a lesser-known break or long weekend, can often result in more favorable rates. Close coordination with both the current and future school administrations to ensure a smooth academic transition for your children will be of huge importance.

Should you move during weekends or weekdays?

The cheapest time to move to another state isn’t just about the season or the month. Even the day of the week you choose to move can also have a significant impact on your moving budget. As you might expect, weekends are the busiest days for movers Delray Beach residents recommend and other moving companies, leading to inflated rates. On the other hand, a mid-week move, particularly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, is often more cost-effective. Let’s just point out that these weekdays experience lower demand. This makes them an excellent choice for those looking to save money without compromising on service quality.

Look for special discounts and promotions

Many moving companies offer seasonal promotions or special discounts that can significantly reduce the overall cost of your interstate move. These special offers are most commonly available during low-demand periods, which usually align with the seasons of spring and fall or the middle weeks of the month. However, these promotions can sometimes appear unexpectedly, making it advantageous to remain vigilant and consult regularly with moving professionals about potential upcoming deals. Additionally, if you’re flexible with your moving dates, some companies might offer last-minute discounts to fill excess capacity, providing yet another opportunity for savings. Here are the most common discounts and promotions moving companies have, such as:

  • Senior discounts
  • Student discounts
  • Military discounts
  • Referral discounts
  • Repeat customer discounts
  • Cash discounts
A happy military family after taking advantage of the cheapest time to move to another state
Military discounts are just some of the promotions that interstate moving companies have to offer

Find movers that fit your budget

Once you’ve determined the right time to move to another state, your next crucial task is selecting the most suitable moving company. Rather than settling for the first quote you receive, it’s wise to obtain estimates from multiple companies. Of course, explore the Better Business Bureau to find movers that fit your interstate moving needs. This approach not only provides a more comprehensive view of the market rates but also enables you to assess the range and quality of services each mover offers. Some companies may even throw in added bonuses like free packing materials or temporary storage options. With that, making their somewhat higher quote an excellent value in the end. This strategy of comparing quotes is both cost-efficient and provides a greater peace of mind.

Have an interstate move without financial pressure

The cheapest time to move to another state is not a one-size-fits-all answer. Above all, it will depend on a variety of factors, including the time of year, the month, and even the day of the week. Aim for out-of-season parts of the year, mid-month periods, and weekdays for the most budget-friendly options. By understanding the market dynamics and leveraging expert insights, you can make a strategic, financially smart decision. Best of all, your wallet won’t have to suffer during your interstate move.

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