What you need to know before signing a moving contract

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We’ve all been there – when you start moving, there is so much paperwork that you need to go through. This can usually make you feel lost and you don’t know what to do. There are many new terms to discover. And your signature under some of those might lead to legal consequences if you you’re not careful! This is why you need to look for a moving company you can trust in. And this is also why in this article, we take a look at things you need to know before signing a moving contract! With this knowledge, you’ll be ready and safe for your relocation!

Things to know before signing a moving contract

When it comes to choosing a moving company to organize and execute your next relocation, the decision should be based on reliable and honest information. The company you go with should practice full disclosure with their clients. Because of the stress that comes with moving and packing, signing a moving contract and choosing the right professionals might be a little overwhelming. How do you find the right moving company for you when there are so many on the market? We’re going to present you with all the needed information you need to know before signing a moving contract. So keep reading and you shouldn’t have any problems on relocation day.

person signing a moving contract
You need to base your decision on reliable and honest information before signing a moving contract.

Know their references, customer feedback, and reviews

Satisfied customers are the best indicator of a good moving company. So before you sign a contract with any long distance movers, check their reviews online. The company’s website should have a few, and of course, Yelp, Facebook, and GMB are good places to expand your search. Make sure to focus on the newest reviews for the most recent and reliable information!

Make sure the company you’re going with has a good reputation

You can ask family, colleagues, friends, and local real estate agents which companies they would recommend. Don’t just go for the pretty flyers or loudest advertisements. The moving industry is where recommendations make or break companies. It is going to be crucial to the success of your relocation to do your homework. The best move you could do is to ask around about the company’s reputation before you sign a moving contract. Talking to real customers is the best way to get facts. Getting positive feedback will give you more peace of mind when deciding on your trusted moving company. Just as well, if you see bad reviews or find out about incidents, that can help you avoid some possibly dangerous mishaps or even scams.

See if they have an official website

One of the things you need to know before signing a moving contract is if a company you’re going with has an official website. Most state to state movers Florida wants to present themselves and their services online to attract customers. The best moving companies usually invest in their online profiles and web pages. A professional company provides enough information to clients as website content. It is important you choose a company that has a good online presence. Also, they should list all of the services they offer on their website. Lots of quality moving companies will provide online moving quotes as well as contact information. Make sure to check the online presence before signing a moving contract.

woman reading about things you should know before signing a moving contract on a laptop
Make sure the moving company has a strong web presence before signing a contract.

Check their license

Another important thing things you will need to check about your moving companies in Florida is if they have a license or not. You shouldn’t be moving with a company without a license under no circumstance! This is very dangerous. Companies that don’t have licenses are not professional, and can’t be responsible for the safety of your items.

Lucky for you, checking if a company has a license is quite easy. All you have to do is head over to The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website and enter the company’s name or the U.S. DOT Number, MC/MX Number of your company. This is the most reliable way to check on interstate movers because this is the federal body that issues licenses to carriers. Things change a bit when you are moving within the state. These moves aren’t regulated by the FMCSA. They are regulated by the state government. You have to check if your state law requires moving companies to carry a license. Then make sure to check for it when talking to the company representative.

Also, check for their insurance

Nonetheless, also you should check the insurance policies a moving company provides. We shouldn’t even tell you how important this is. If your items aren’t insured, and something happens to them, you’ll be the one who has to cover the cost. However, for a fee, you can get an insurance policy that is going to cover your items when moving with professionals. But you should investigate what type of insurance policy the company uses before you sign a moving contract. Many companies provide Released value coverage (or basic carrier liability), however, we encourage you to get Full value protection (or full replacement value protection) instead.

businessman giving contract to woman to sign
One of the most important things you need to know before signing a moving contract is whether that company provides insurance.

Inventory list

The first thing you should know before signing a moving contract is that moving companies Delray Beach will conduct a walk-through of your house and organize a written inventory of the things you have for relocating. Make sure all the items you’ll going to entrust to the movers are there on the inventory list and their condition is marked accurately (so you have proof of the pre-move condition of your items in case you need to file a damage claim against your movers).


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