What to Expect When Moving to the West Coast from the East

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Relocation is often something that we view as a life changer. Well, sometimes maybe as a life pace changer. However, moving from one place to another can make a big difference in, both your life and your lifestyle. This is especially true if you are deciding on moving to the West Coast from the East, for example. Because the two sides of the country are so vastly different, you will need to find a proper way to adapt. Adapting to your new lifestyle is one of the most important things you will have to do besides having a positive relocation experience. Furthermore, to ensure you have a positive relocation experience, consider hiring AmeriSafe Moving Services to help you relocate. With professional movers helping you move you can focus more on how to adapt to your new surroundings instead of the relocation process.

Moving to the West Coast from the East – What to expect?

Change is inevitable in our lifetime. One way or another, changes bring new experiences, people, and views. Furthermore, changes incite more changes to come. That is why, when changing your address, you are most likely changing your entire lifestyle. This is often what happens when you decide to move on larger distances through the United States. As you go from one side to another, you will experience more and more differences and lifestyles. So, if you are, for instance, moving from Florida to California, you will have some adapting to do once you arrive in your new home.

a view of the Golden Gate bridge from a car after moving to the West Coast from the East
Knowing what to expect when moving on such large distances can be very helpful during your relocation period

The West and East of the country are vastly different in many ways. Therefore, knowing what you should expect and finding proper ways to adapt to your new lifestyle is a must. Luckily, today we will help you prepare for this long journey and understand what you should expect from it.

Adjusting to a new climate might be easier than you thought

The first thing we want to talk about is the climate. Namely, as you will be moving to the western coast, we will focus more on that. For example, the western part of the United States is heavily influenced by the desert climate from nearby deserts. This means that the western part of the country is experiencing dry and hot days. Now, if you are someone who is moving from Miami to Los Angeles, for example, you might not need so much adapting. Both cities are quite hot and exposed to sunlight. However,  Los Angeles, for instance, has fewer clouds than Miami, thus has fewer chances for rain. Moreover, fewer clouds mean being more exposed to direct sunlight. Nonetheless, adapting to warm weather is something you will easily pass through.

Expect a higher cost of living

When moving to the West Coast from the East you need to be aware of the cost of living in that part of the country. For instance, the state of California, Seattle, and Vancouver all have a very high cost of living. Granted, this is mostly due to the fact that these locations are some of the primary places people move to and live in. Furthermore, the state of California also has some of the highest tax rates in the entire country. So, if you are planning on moving to the western part of the country expect to pay more for certain things.

a person placing a coin inside a piggy bank with plenty coins beside the bank
IF you are going to move to the West Coast you will need to reevaluate your budget

The majority of cities on the western coast are constantly experiencing population growth. This has directly impacted the overall cost of living in most of the areas on that side of the country. Furthermore, the access to amazing beaches and the sea is another reason why most people flock to the west and settle in there.

Moving to the West Coast from the East means people live a slower lifestyle

The Eastern region of the United States boasts a rapid lifestyle. However, people living in the West region are the solar opposite. Namely, the majority of the population is very laid-back and lives a slow-paced lifestyle. This, of course, has some good and bad sides to it.

Pros of a slower lifestyle:

  • People are more considerate about others
  • Easier time to fit in and adapt to the lifestyle of locals

Cons of a slower lifestyle:

  • You may often find yourself in traffic jams
  • Leaving your home earlier to ensure you arrive on time to the desired destination

Yes, maybe people on the West Coast have a hard time getting through traffic. On the other side, people who arrive there and want to start their new life will have an easier time grasping the lifestyle of local residents. The slower lifestyle pace allows everyone to quickly adapt and feel at home. This is something the Eastern Coast truly lacks.

Find a home before you start to move

Home hunting is a full-time job on the West Coast. Yes, you might find some of the best Los Angeles neighborhoods for raising kids, but finding a home in one of those neighborhoods can be harder than it seems. Since we are talking about LA, people are constantly flocking there. In fact, the majority of California constantly experiences population growth.

a birds eye view of a neighborhood
The housing market is working non-stop on the western part of the United States

This means that the next person wanting to move there has a hard time finding a proper home to live in. As the housing market is constantly working, finding a home prior to moving to the West Coast from the East is very important. We understand that you probably will do that. However, if not, do not plan on moving on the Western Coast without searching for a home to stay in, at least for a while.

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