What to do with packing paper after a move

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After the challenges of relocating, you’re faced with stacks of packing materials and a pressing question. That is – what to do with packing paper after a move? The relocation journey might be over, but a new challenge begins, which is the task of responsibly managing the aftermath. After the AmeriSafe Nationwide Movers ensure everything is unpacked, you will have a lot of packing material but also plenty of options to take care of the material. Whether you’re an environmental enthusiast or someone seeking creative inspiration, the versatility of packing paper might surprise you. Take a look at some of the ways you can get the job done.

Reusing the paper within your household is a good idea

In an era where sustainability is more than a buzzword, it’s almost a duty to take care of all the excess materials. Each decision we make, no matter how minor it may seem, leaves an imprint on our planet. Reusing packing paper is one such choice. When the cross country movers Florida residents recommend have completed your move, there will inevitably be some packing paper around. By creatively repurposing this seemingly ordinary material, you’re not just decluttering your space. That will also contribute to a more sustainable future. Whether it’s transforming papers into wrapping for gifts, lining your shelves and drawers, or even crafting DIY book covers, each reuse amplifies its lifespan while reducing our carbon footprint.

A person packing clothes with paper
What to do with packing paper after a move? Make the most of them in your home

Art and crafts

Packing paper, at first glance, may seem like a one-time-use item. However, with a sprinkle of creativity, it reveals itself as a canvas with endless potential. Imagine crafting DIY masks for a themed party or folding sheets to create intricate origami masterpieces. Children, with their boundless imagination, can particularly harness this resource, transforming it into costumes, storybook settings, or even life-sized art projects. In the hands of the artistically inclined, paper used for packing transcends its primary function, transforming into treasures that narrate tales of creativity and innovation.

Decor and other DIY projects around the home

Often underestimated, packing paper emerges as a DIY enthusiast’s best friend when given the right context. Beyond its typical use in relocation, this adaptable material unfolds a world of home improvement possibilities. Thankfully, when residential movers Florida locals rely on finish the move, you will have plenty of material on your hands. Imagine handcrafting wall arts that evoke a minimalistic charm or designing personalized cards that carry heartfelt messages against its rustic backdrop. The neutral palette of packing paper effortlessly complements various color schemes and styles, making it an ideal choice for crafting gift wraps. In essence, packing paper is an unsung hero in the world of DIY, waiting for creative minds to tap into its potential.

Donate packing paper

What to do with packing paper after a move? In the aftermath of a relocation, it’s common to find oneself surrounded by heaps of packing paper. Instead of letting it go to waste, embrace an eco-warrior’s spirit and consider donating. Numerous institutions, ranging from local schools to community centers, are constantly on the lookout for craft supplies. Your packing paper can be very useful to art teachers and students alike, sparking creativity in classroom projects. Furthermore, local businesses, especially startups or small enterprises, may appreciate the donation for their packaging needs. Find someone that will appreciate your action and give it new life.

A cardboard with donation written on it
When you donate different items, consider doing the same with packing paper

Find organizations that accept such material

Elevate your commitment to sustainability by connecting with local organizations and charities that can repurpose your surplus packing paper. While many of us are aware of the usual recycling routes, the beauty of donation lies in its direct, positive impact on the community. Charities, especially those involved in gift-giving or fundraising events, can benefit from the additional packing material for their operations. By donating, you’re not just minimizing waste, as you’re actively participating in and promoting a better living environment. Venture into this rewarding path, seek out local initiatives, and watch as your packing paper finds a new purpose in serving the community.

What to do with packing paper after a move? Use it for storage

Post-move, the abundance of materials can seem overwhelming. Instead of discarding it, why not repurpose it? One good way to do this is to utilize it for storage. A plethora of household items, from delicate china to cherished photo albums, benefit from the protective embrace of packing paper. Use it to layer between plates or wrap glass items, ensuring they remain free from scratches and dents. You can also utilize the packing services Florida has to offer to make the job easier. For those bulky winter jackets or sentimental items stored away seasonally, packing paper acts as a moisture absorber, preserving the integrity of your belongings. There are plenty of ways you can make storage easier for you.

Fragile items can benefit from reusing packing paper

Packing paper’s primary purpose has always been to safeguard valuables during the process of moving. However, its utility doesn’t end once you’ve unpacked. This unsung hero is versatile and invaluable when it comes to protecting delicate items around your home. For example, when moving from Florida to California you want everything to stay intact during such a big relocation. Whether it’s your grandmother’s vintage porcelain collection, precious ornaments that tell tales of travels, or intricate glassware that adorns your shelves, wrapping them in packing paper acts as a cushioned barrier against potential accidents. It prevents scratches and chips, but it also absorbs any moisture, ensuring items remain in pristine condition.

What to do with packing paper after a move? Use them for protection of fragile items
Keep your fragile items safe

Recycling and where to do it

In our quest to be environmentally responsible, recycling stands out as the right step to make. While reusing moving materials offers numerous benefits, there comes a time when recycling becomes the more viable choice. Fortunately, packing paper is predominantly biodegradable, making it a prime candidate for recycling. By diverting it from landfills, we not only reduce waste but also contribute to the creation of recycled products. There are plenty of benefits of recycling in the US which stand out. Start by researching local recycling centers or municipal facilities, understanding their guidelines, and ensuring your packing paper is appropriately prepared. Here are some of the major companies in the US that recycle such materials, such as:

  • Waste Management
  • Republic Services
  • TerraCycle
  • Waste Connections
  • WM

Choose the option that fits your needs

The journey following a move offers more than just settling into a new space. It also provides an opportunity to redefine our environmental footprint. As we unpack and organize, we’re often confronted with the question of what to do with packing paper after a move. The answer covers several factors, echoing the commitment to both creativity and sustainability. Whether it’s transforming this paper into imaginative crafts, repurposing it for protective storage, or venturing into eco-conscious disposal routes like recycling, each choice resonates with responsibility. Celebrate your move by ensuring your packing paper finds purpose and promise in its afterlife.

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