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Let’s face it, moving is hectic, and the majority of people don’t even know what they are doing on that day. All the stress and preparation before moving day gives you little time to think about the big day itself. If you have made a contract with Florida movers, you won’t have to do much. But even if you leave the majority of moving tasks to the experts, there are some things that you should or could do before movers arrive. Or you could just relax and let the pros do everything, it is up to you!

Before movers arrive, you can do quite a lot of things

Your boxes are packed, and everyone is dressed and ready for the big day. No matter at what time one of the best cross country movers Florida are scheduled to arrive, you will most likely be awake before that time. The majority of moving days start early in the morning, but the excitement will take its toll. In order to kill the time before movers arrive, you can:

  • Get the snacks and refreshments ready
  • Double check everything
  • Send the kids and pets away for the day
  • Final clean
Picture of a white clock
Moves usually start early in the morning

Snacks and refreshments

No matter the season when you move, you should always offer your movers something to drink and eat. Moving is hard work, and the employees of long distance moving companies Florida will highly appreciate it. During a hot summer day, it is mandatory to offer cold drinks to anyone who does something physically challenging, not just movers.

Double check

It can be easy to forget something behind when moving. The chances are low that you will forget something important in that cupboard in the kitchen, but it is better to check twice. Even if there is nothing left, you won’t feel at peace because of the famous “I think that I forgot something” feeling.

Keep the pets and kids away

Small kids and pets can easily get in the way when something is done and get hurt. The residential movers FL you hired certainly won’t mind kids and animals being around, but their cuteness can be a distraction. For efficient and problem-free moving, it is best to keep these small cute creatures out of the home during moving day. Get them ready and send them off to your friends and family members in the morning before your movers arrive.

Final clean

Even though you have probably cleaned everything before the actual moving day, you could do it again. Dust is probably the most annoying thing, and it will probably be there again. Apart from dust, you should also clean the areas like the kitchen and bathroom one last time.

Person cleaning floors before movers arrive
A home can never be clean enough


Apart from the things we listed, before movers arrive, you should also get your family together and reflect on the memories you made in that place. If you didn’t do it during your goodbye party, you should definitely take one last picture there.


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