Tips for moving from Florida’s heat to northern winters

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Imagine swapping the sunny beaches of Florida for the snowy landscapes up north. It’s not just a change of scenery. Overall, it represents a whole new way of life. From the clothes you wear to how you care for your car, moving from Florida’s heat to northern winters comes with its set of challenges. But don’t worry. With the right guidance, this transition can be smooth and exciting. If you’re considering such a move, it’s essential to have trusted partners on your side. We at AmeriSafe National Movers, as a reputable licensed interstate broker, can help you with quality help and advice. Dive into these tips to make your journey a pleasant one.

The wardrobe will be completely different

In Florida, our closets are full of clothes for hot weather. Summer dresses, t-shirts, shorts, and sandals are what we usually wear. The sun is bright, and the air feels warm almost all year. But the further north you go, the more things change. A good example to make is New York. The city experiences all four seasons, each bringing its own style. As winter comes, the temperature drops. This is when warm clothes are essential. Think of thick sweaters, long pants, strong boots, and big coats. Snow can cover the streets, and you’ll want to stay warm. If you’re thinking about moving from Florida to New York or to a state in the area, it’s important to know about these changes. Packing the right clothes will make your move easier. And the best part? You’ll get to try many new outfits and styles in your new city.

A person packing a suitcase before moving from Florida heat to northern winters
Prepare for the change in wardrobe

Your footwear will also experience changes

Footwear is a big part of our daily life. In Miami, it’s common to see people wearing sandals, flip-flops, and light shoes because of the warm weather. These are perfect for beach days and sunny walks. But when you’re moving from Miami to NYC or to a city in the north of the country, you’ll notice that people wear different kinds of shoes. For example, NYC has cold winters. For that reason, many people wear boots to keep their feet warm and dry. Rainy days might mean water-resistant shoes and snowy days often need boots with a good grip. It’s not just about staying warm, as it’s also about walking safely on icy streets. So, as you pack your shoes for the move, think about the new weather and places you’ll be walking in.

Adjust your home after moving from Florida’s heat to northern winters

Moving from a warm place like Florida to a colder northern area means you’ll need to make some changes to your home. In Florida, homes are made to keep cool in the heat. But in the northern states, homes need to stay warm during cold winters. When you move, you might add thicker curtains to keep the cold out or buy warm blankets for your bed. You’ll also want to check windows and doors to make sure cold air isn’t coming in. You want to research what you can do to your home before you explore our network of residential movers Florida has to offer. Do as much as you can to make your home cozy and ready for the winter cold.

Transportation will be completely different in the winter

Clear roads and sunny skies are what we’re used to in Florida. We can drive easily without worrying about ice or snow. But in many northern states, winter means snowy and icy roads. This can make driving tricky. When snow covers the ground, cars need special tires to grip the road. It’s also important to drive slower and be extra careful. Some people even use public transport like buses or trains more often in the winter to avoid driving. If you’re planning your move and wondering how to get ready for these changes, you can choose from the interstate movers Florida residents recommend from our network. Above all, they will know how to get you to your location and can even offer some advice on how to drive in such conditions. They’ve helped many people move from warm to cold places and know the transportation differences well.

A person driving in winter conditions
Moving from Florida’s heat to northern winters will mean different driving conditions

The maintenance of your car will greatly change

Living in warm places like Florida, taking care of a car is mostly about protecting it from the sun and keeping it clean. However, after moving from Florida’s heat to northern winters, things will change. The cold can affect the battery, making it harder to start. Snow and ice can also be problems. It’s important to check your car’s tires to make sure they are good for snowy roads. You might even need special winter tires. And don’t forget about the salt on the roads, even if it’s used to melt snow, it can harm your car’s paint. To prepare for all this, you might think about shipping your vehicle to another state where experts can make the needed changes. This way, your car is ready for winter and stays in good shape.

Staying healthy will require a different approach

Staying healthy often means drinking water on hot days and wearing sunscreen when it comes to Florida. But when you move to a place with cold winters, like New Jersey, staying healthy needs a different plan. The cold can make people get sick more easily, so it’s good to wear warm clothes and eat foods that help our bodies stay strong. Some people also take vitamins or drink more tea. It’s also important to exercise indoors if it’s too cold outside. Before you explore our moving network for Florida to New Jersey movers you can trust, explore your options. Here are some activities you can do to stay healthy even in colder areas:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Have enough sleep
  • Stay active and exercise
  • Eat healthy
  • Get a flu shot

Your skincare routine will need to change

We often use light lotions and sunblock for our skin in Florida, as that’s all we need. The hot sun can make our skin dry, so we protect it. But in cold weather, our skin needs different care. The cold air can make the skin feel very dry and sometimes even hurt. This means it’s good to use thicker creams and moisturizers. Lip balms are also important because our lips can get dry and crack in the cold. So, when you move to a colder place, remember to change your skincare products. This will help your skin stay soft and healthy.

A girl doing her skincare routine thinking about moving from Florida heat to northern winters
After moving from Florida’s heat to northern winters, you will even change your skincare routine

What are some winter foods and drinks to bring you comfort?

When it’s cold outside, we all like to eat and drink things that make us feel warm and happy. In winter, many people love hot soups. Soups can be made with vegetables, chicken, or beef. They are warm and fill our stomachs nicely. Another popular winter food is stew, a thick soup with meat and vegetables. For drinks, many people enjoy hot chocolate. It’s a sweet drink made with milk and cocoa. There’s also tea and coffee, which are great to drink when it’s cold. These foods and drinks not only keep us warm but also make winters feel special and cozy.

Explore new social activities

When the weather changes, the things we do for fun can change with it. In winter, there are many new activities to try. Many people love to go ice skating. It’s fun to glide on the ice with friends. There’s also snowball fighting, where you throw soft snowballs at each other. Some towns have winter festivals with music, food, and games. And if you like staying indoors, you can join a club or a group that does things you enjoy, like reading, cooking, or crafts. Every season has its own special activities, and winter is a great time to explore and find new favorites.

A pair of ice skates
Enjoy activities that colder areas bring with them

Take advantage of the snow and have fun in it

Snow changes everything. It turns places into a white playground. When snow covers the ground, there are many fun things to do. You can make a snowman by rolling snow into big balls and putting them on top of each other. Another fun game is making snow angels. You lay down in the snow and move your arms and legs. When you stand up, it looks like an angel shape in the snow. And if there’s a hill, you can slide down it on a sled. Snow makes everything look pretty and gives us new ways to play and enjoy the outdoors.

Moving from Florida’s heat to northern winters can even impact your kids’ school

Moving from Florida’s heat to northern winters can mean big changes for kids at school. In Florida, kids might have outdoor activities all year because of the warm weather. But in colder places, there’s snow and ice in winter. This means some outdoor games might move indoors. Also, sometimes, if there’s too much snow, schools might close for a day. This is called a snow day. It’s a surprise break for kids. But don’t worry. Schools in cold places know how to teach during winter. They have plans and activities for every season. So, while the school might feel different at first, kids will soon find new fun things to do and learn.

Your pets will also need special care

Pets are part of our family. Just like us, they feel the changes in the weather. If you’re moving from a warm place to a colder one, your pets will need some extra care. For example, dogs might need a warm coat when they go outside. Their paws can also get cold, so some dogs wear special shoes in the snow. And remember, just like people, pets can get sick from the cold. It’s always a good idea to talk to a vet about how to keep your pets safe and happy in winter. And if you’re wondering about the move itself, you will have to take on the task of moving your pets across state lines on your own in the majority of cases. Of course, there are exceptions where certain companies offer special pet moving services.

A couple holding a puppy talking about moving from Florida heat to northern winters
Don’t forget about your pets when moving to a colder area

Public transport after the relocation might require some adjustment

When you move to a new place, many things can be different. One big change might be how you travel. In Florida, maybe you use a car most of the time. But in colder places with snowy winters, many people use public transport like buses and trains. Why? Because they can be safer and easier than driving in snow and ice. At first, it might feel a bit confusing. Different tickets, new schedules, and unfamiliar routes can take some time to learn. But don’t worry. After a few trips, you’ll start to feel more comfortable. Just remember to always check the time and routes, and soon, you’ll be traveling like a local.

Enjoy the winter beauty

Winter is not just cold and snowy. Besides that, it’s also very beautiful. When snow covers everything, it’s like a big white blanket. Trees have white tops, and houses look cozy with smoke coming from chimneys. The air feels fresh and crisp. At night, the sky can be clear with bright stars. And in the morning, sometimes everything sparkles because of the frost. It’s a special time to take walks and see nature in a new way. Besides that, you can experience some of the best winter carnivals across the US if you truly want to enjoy winter. So, even if you miss the warmth of Florida, take a moment to look around. The beauty of winter can make you smile and feel happy.

Trees covered by snow
There’s a lot that northern winters can offer you

Make the best out of your move

Switching from sunny shores to snow-covered streets is a big step. But with the right tips and preparations, moving from Florida’s heat to northern winters can be an exciting adventure. It’s all about being ready and understanding the changes that come with a new environment. Remember, every change brings new experiences and memories. So, as you take this new journey, embrace the cold, discover the beauty of winter, and enjoy all the new things that come with it.

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