Tips for choosing a trustworthy mover during the pandemic

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The last two years have been rather stressful. Most of us have been pretty stressed, overwhelmed, and afraid. For our own health as well as that of those that we love and care about. That being so it’s no wonder many people try to avoid moving in 2021 at all costs. However, sometimes it’s simply not possible to cancel or postpone a move. In those cases, the only option left is to try and find safe and trustworthy movers who take their clients’ health very seriously. But unfortunately, choosing a trustworthy mover during the pandemic is even harder than it is usually. Luckily for those looking to relocate soon, though, companies like AmeriSafe Moving Services make finding reliable movers so much easier. Still, it’s always best to know what the signs of trustworthy movers are and how to find them, even on your own!

Why is it important to choose trustworthy movers during the pandemic?

The phrase “trustworthy movers” is thrown around a lot. And even though it may seem like something businesses say to sound more legitimate, it’s actually something you should pay close attention to when choosing movers. Especially when moving under such stressful circumstances as a pandemic is. It can be hard to identify reliable moving services and businesses, but it’s very important to do so when your health is at stake! In general, unsafe moving businesses can cause:

  • Property damage
  • Property loss
  • Bad moving experience
  • Poor customer services
A woman stressing out.
Moving with irresponsible movers can be very stressful!

However, with the pandemic plaguing our country, you are risking a lot more than just property damage by hiring unprofessional movers. So if you want to avoid getting sick when moving during the pandemic, you should choose responsible movers that take the rules and regulations issued by the World Health Organization seriously.

How should I go about looking for a trustworthy mover during the pandemic?

The best way to look for movers during a pandemic is online. That way you are minimizing the contact with people as much as possible. Sure, when you actually move you’ll have to be in contact with your movers. But during the choosing process, you should absolutely be safe in your home. When getting in touch with movers, look for those you can contact through their website or over the phone. Luckily, most movers offer both of these options nowadays.

Choosing a trustworthy mover during the pandemic is easiest through reputable companies

The best option, perhaps, for choosing trustworthy movers during a pandemic is by outsourcing it to companies who know what they’re doing. There are many companies in the US whose job is to put clients in touch with movers. These companies usually work with tried and tested movers that the US residents love. So whether you’re looking for residential or commercial moving services, you might want to let professionals do it for you. That way you’ll be able to choose between a few moving businesses that are all safe and reliable, but also fitting to your needs! These companies also operate online so you’ll be able to plan your whole move remotely!

Find out more about the company’s safety practices before hiring them

Most people are trying to stay safe as best as they can. Washing hands thoroughly, sanitizing, wearing masks, and even gloves, have become integral parts of our daily routines. Luckily, some moving businesses have also adopted these practices. So when looking for a trustworthy mover during the pandemic, you should look for a business like that. However, it’s hard to know what safety measures businesses adhere to and what measures they don’t, if any at all. That’s why you should make sure to give the company you’re interested in a call and inquire about their safety measures. Most professional moving businesses should be a safe bet, though. Still, you should make sure you’re comfortable with particular movers before you hire them.

A woman making a call.
Don’t be ashamed to inquire about safety measures!

Don’t forget to ask about…

Many people get very stressed when contacting movers. Am I going to forget to ask or say something? What if I mess up some information? All these questions run through people’s minds when about to make an official call to movers. So here’s a list of things you should never forget to ask when inquiring about safety measures. Some, though, are a part of the standard set of questions, while the rest are pandemic specific. Still, safety should always be your priority and thus you should never skip on inquiring about it thoroughly!

  • How often do you service your vehicles?
  • How old and safe is your moving equipment?
  • Have your employees had enough training and experience?
  • Are your packing materials safe and sturdy?
  • Do your employees wear masks and gloves?
  • Do you take social distancing seriously?
  • Are all your employees healthy?

Don’t forget about the quality when choosing trustworthy movers during the pandemic

Quality of moving services is always important. Whether you’re in need of packing or storage services, short or long distance moving services, quality should be high on your priority list even during a pandemic. When scared it’s easy to overlook many things and solely focus on survival. “Is this company safe? Great, I’ll go with them!” is easy to do when safety seems like the only concern. However, the quality of services is just as important during a crisis as it is outside of it. That means that you should take the time to look for movers that offer both safety and quality. Don’t settle!

A mover closing a moving box.
When choosing a trustworthy mover during the pandemic, make sure that they also offer quality moving services!

It’s not that hard to find trustworthy movers even during the pandemic

Even though the world is rather messy right now, your move doesn’t have to be. Choosing a trustworthy mover during the pandemic can be very easy if you focus on what’s truly important. Keep safety as your priority, but also make sure not to forget about other important aspects of moving. Moving should be an enjoyable experience and you can make it so even during the pandemic with the right movers!

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