Things to know before moving to another country for love

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As one of the best and most reliable NationwideMovers Florida, we know how much it takes to prepare for the moving process. Whether you are getting ready for a local or long distance move, you might face some difficulties. But when it comes to moving to a new country, that’s another story. So we’ve decided to write about things to know before moving to another country for love. We know that it’s the best feeling in the world and that love conquers all, but there are some things to consider in order to prepare for the relocation. So let’s dive in!

The financial aspect of moving to another country for love

We all know that when you’re in love you feel butterflies in your stomach and you’re all irrational. But what will come out when we put it down on paper? First of all now whole life and love are about hugging and kissing, you’ll have to do a lot of boring things. First of all, you’ll probably have to have a place to stay, pay rent (or share it), cook, dine out… As you can see there are a lot of chores and obligations like in your previous country. Even moving from Miami to San Francisco can be difficult because it’s so far away and yeah, people are different too. But for example, if you choose to go to France, could you imagine that? Oh yeah, there is the Eiffel Tower, Louver, delicious croissants, irresistible language… But does it pay bills? Well as we all know no; the job does.

Bitcoins and one hundred dollar bills;
The financial aspect of any move is crucial for both of you.

Now if you’re planning to move first think about your job and can you keep your current? Or you can change it for another one? Can you work remotely?  But let’s think outside of the box. Maybe this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Maybe finally you can have that job that you wanted? Actor? Dancer? Project Manager or whatever! The new country means a lot of new opportunities. Also if you’re looking only to move inside the US we can assure you that we’re one of the best interstate moving companies Florida. So this can also be tough, the whole process, within the state, locally in the city in another country. On the other hand, statistics show us that 66% of people who moved to another country for love didn’t regret it.

New country new environment and new habits

Now once you’ve decided on the move we’ll present you with another statistic, 7 in 10 couples lasted longer than a year. The most difficult moves are mostly those that require you to change continents, that’s what 3 in 10 people said. Also 75% of all the people that moved still stayed with their partner even a year after a year. We encourage you to research this optic online. We can help you with packing tips, but on websites like quora, you can find a lot of stories from people who’ve already done this. Besides this you’ll have a whole new environment to explore, just imagine moving to Japan, Italy, Australia or somewhere more wild but also more beautiful like Brazil. Well that’s the spirit cheer up, think, and focus only on positives, the world and the internet are already full of negative things.

Now you’ll get new habits obviously because of the new environment; but also new friends and coworkers. You don’t have to say goodbye to your old friends, especially in the era of social media. Nobody can tell you that they didn’t use video chat apps, since we all survived the COVID-19 outbreak, curfew, and lockdowns. So you’ll see your friends and family, airplanes aren’t as expensive as they used to be, a lot of countries don’t require visas or they’re easy to get. But you’ll have to leave your old life behind, that’s for sure, but let’s focus on the good sides. This way you’ll only prove to yourself how independent and resourceful you truly are. Also, this is a mirror of your self-confidence, self-esteem, personal development, growing up, financial stability, etc.

Man drawing flags on the floor while thinking about things to know before moving to another country for love;
Think as the whole world is your playground and you have so much to see and explore.

Moving to another country for love requires patience

Nobody is sure when is the right time to move in. There are some indicators that you should follow, some of them are:

  • Listen to your gut feeling because it’s right most of the time, if you feel it make it real.
  • Move-in (in your city or current country) with your partner “for a test ride”
  • If you feel that someone is pressuring you into making a decision, rethink
  • Do it yourself as much as for your partner, remember that this is for you as well

Now also don’t be afraid to question if your partner would move your country for you. Think about all the things that you have to give up for them, and ask them if would they do it for you. Also, have a backup plan if things go down, so this all must be well planned. Then again, think about unfulfilled promises, if you want to do it, did you ever dream of this or is it just a “love craze fantasy”… So think about all of these factors and more, and be honest to yourself and you’re loved once.

A couple walking on the road;
It is okay to question both yourself and your partner because moving to another country for love is a huge deal.

The conclusion

So rethink your feeling and decision before you make a move. Talk with your family and close friends, and don’t let anyone push you into anything. Also, you should know that there are many sorts of manipulation, so be careful.  We can help you with a move and tell you about the pros and cons of long distance moving during the summer. On the other hand, we’ve provided you with all the data that we have on things to know before moving to another country for love. We hope that we helped you and have a great move!


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