Things people forget when moving interstate

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Ah, that stressful day of moving. A day when everyone cares, rushes, packs, and thinks a hundred things. Your move is stressful, but you will agree that the more things you have, the more worries you have about them when the time comes to move. If the family in question is particularly large, it is already a particularly complicated situation. Everything needs to be brought, prepared, and organized. There are plenty of things people forget when moving interstate. But how to avoid this, if you already have no experience or you are a master organization otherwise? It’s very easy! Rely on a reliable moving agency, which will do everything to move you successfully and carefree!

When you are moving from Miami to California, it is very important for you to take everything with you, so that you do not have to go back for something. Whether it’s a charger or an entire suitcase, it’s certainly extremely important to you. People forget a lot of things when they move intestate, but some things are common when it comes to forgetting.

A checklist is key

Anything people forget could be avoided by making a checklist before moving.  The safest way is to have a checklist for each room, to make sure everything is covered. Of course, there are things that will not be on the list or in the moving truck but will be intentionally thrown away or donated. But what happens when you forget what is either emotionally important or necessary for your daily functioning? Every single one of the interstate moving companies in Florida will tell you that the best start to relocate everything is to make a checklist. Without it, you will surely leave something precious behind when you move.

Note card and four scrabble tiles that say TO DO
The checklist is the best thing to do in order to remember everything!

What are the things that people forget when moving interstate?

Just as moving is a story in itself, so is the list of forgotten things colorful. But we will present some that people most often forget while moving interstate!


The most commonly forgotten thing is the documents. People rely on not forgetting such an important thing, so they forget it. The list of forgotten documents is wide. Most often, these are personal documents that are in the wallet, so they stay with him in the old home. Also, people often forget to bring old contracts, bills, old bank documents, guarantees, or documents for a car, or a house. This can make you a pretty big problem, and it wouldn’t hurt to pay attention to it. If you have trouble with organizing, start packing everything in one box or folder in time, so that nothing is forgotten.


Another thing that people usually forget to take with them when they move intestate is potted plants. Plants enrich our space, but they are also part of the inventory that we rarely dedicate ourselves to, and we can often forget them when we start packing. Also, sometimes people leave them on purpose because they do not know how to move the plants, so they decide to give them up. Start transplanting plants in time, or at least prepare plant seeds, so that you can have a nice balcony or garden in a new location again.

Plant that people forget when moving interstate
Don’t forget your plants, or at least bring seeds or baby roots with you

Medical records

When we say that people forget medical records, we do not mean that they literally stay in the drawer. People forget to take their cards to another doctor. Ask in time where you will be treated, so that you can contact your current doctor to pick up the documents or have them sent to your new clinic. Remember to bring all medical records, including all types of doctors –

  • dentist,
  • your child’s pediatrician,
  • your pet’s veterinarian,
  • psychotherapist, etc.

Cables, Chargers, and Headphones

It often happens that people forget the charger when moving, so it stays plugged in. No matter how much you plan to pack it, you will happen to recharge your mobile during the move and you will disconnect it from the charger in a second and forget about it. Take care, because often original chargers can cost up to $ 100, and you really don’t need that cost when moving. Take care of your laptop, phone, smartwatch, or speaker chargers. Remember to unplug the charger when you turn off the phone, so you can take it with you safely.

Cable, charger and socket on marble table
Unplug your charger so you won`t forget it in your old house

Cosmetics and dining accessories

Two often forgotten things are just these. The most common reason is that people are guided by the fact that they will buy a new bath and shampoo when they move, but they forget that they will need soap or toilet paper during unpacking before they go shopping. So pack “first aid” for personal hygiene for the first day.

When it comes to lunch utensils, they forget to bring paper cups, plates, so they have something to eat from if the trip to the new location takes longer and requires a meal. This is not a problem if you are moving young, alone or without children, so you can eat on your feet, but if you are moving children or the elderly with you, you must provide them with a healthy meal while moving, plate, and utensils.

Storage and hidden items

When you hide something well, it can happen that you forget where it is. In order not to forget something important, start checking all the hidden corners in the home, books, shelves, attics, and garages in time. Remember where you used to hide things, and look there first.

Also, people often forget things from the storage/garage. There are usually forgotten extra chairs, rugs, lawnmowers, or gardening tools. Remember that your garage/pantry is another extra room, very likely full of things, and start packing it in time.

When you move, it is best to take the time to do so. Make a list and then everything that is not on the list you can donate or dispose of it appropriately. This way you will reduce the number of things that are packed, and there is less chance to forget items. There are many things that people forget when moving the interstate, but with our advice, you will move easily, successfully, and without a single forgotten thing.

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