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Moving artwork from Florida to California can be tricky. In the end, you’re moving across the whole United States with some of the most fragile items. As one of the most reputable moving companies in Florida, we would like to help you with this. We’ll present you with a couple of solutions and moving tips that we’ve discovered throughout the years. Our company has moved tons of artwork and other fragile items across the many states in the US. So let’s dive in and see how we can help when it comes to moving your most valuable items.

Moving artwork from Florida to California on your own

If you’ve decided to move on your own, good luck. We’ll present you with everything that you need for the process, but if you’re not focused for a second you can create an expensive mess. Moving from Florida to California is not just far away, it’s expensive and dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. As for the moving process, you’ll probably know what you need, boxes, tapes, sticky notes, etc. When packing art is like creating it, it requires a certain dose of creativity, improvisation, and a sense of space. Here’s a general list of things that you’ll need for packing and moving.

  • Moving boxes in different shapes and sizes (the best one is the original one)
  • Blue tape (masking tape) and packing tape
  • Brown packing paper and bubble wrap
  • Moving truck and extra pair of hands
Packing peanuts in a box with a tape;
Packing materials are the most important part of packing artwork properly, so don’t skimp on it.

For the best packing materials for long distance move, you can visit Amazon since everything is online these days. So let’s put just a little disclaimer, everything on the list is for 99% of the packing and moving cases. Before you start packing any specific items, visit our blog for more in-depth tips, or give us a call so we can help you. Every piece of art is different and it needs to be treated with respect and in a certain manner.

Packing artwork step-by-step guide

Now let’s see how can you pack a picture for example. First of all, you’ll need to deal with the picture frame with a frame and vacuum cleaning tool kit, if you have an older painting that needs more attention; in the picture is new just wipe it with a clean new cloth and don’t touch the canvas. The second step is to wrap the face of the picture with kitchen plastic wrap or palette wrap. The third step is to wrap it two times or double it with brown paper; a friendly piece of advice is don’t use any newspapers as they have colors and iron in them, so they might leave traces of these materials. The fourth step is to use packing tape and secure the item horizontally and vertically.  The fifth step is to put it in the bubble wrap and wrap it all over again.

After you’ve packed all of this it’s time to put it to the test! Put one or more items into the box and try to put some other stuff around it like clothes or something soft, so it doesn’t move that much; again moving freely in the box means that the items are likely to get broken. If you don’t have anything use crumbled newspapers, packing peanuts, or more bubble wrap. Once this is done it’s time to seal the deal and get it on the truck. Just take the box and secure it with tape from all sides and just like some clean space for description. This will be important for you and the moving company if you want to make Florida to California relocation simple. It’s time to load it on the moving truck and drive it to California.

two people packing and thinking of moving artwork from Florida to California;
When moving artwork from Florida to California, family and friends can help with the packing process

Differences between California and Florida

Let’s say that hypothetically you’re moving from Miami to San Francisco. Let’s talk about these places first; they’re both sunny and quite hot, but there is one advantage to California, it’s not that humid.  On the other hand, Miami and Florida in general are much hotter with a high amount of humidity, just like any place on a tropical level. As you probably know humidity is enemy number one to any art and so is direct exposure to the sunlight; that’s why all the museums don’t have windows and they use artificial light. Landscape in California is more diverse than in. So California wins!

Hire pros to move your artwork from Florida to California

This is an important factor to consider. Many reputable professional moving companies which have rich experience in moving artwork will do everything for you. You’ll just have to sit back and relax since they’re well-trained professionals who know their job. As such a company, we understand that everything comes at a certain cost, but professional moving companies are much safer plus they offer all kinds of insurance in case something goes wrong. So just think about you packing and wrapping all of your art after you’ve packed all of your belongings, after a hard labor day.

Our teams have special training just for this and they can do it for the fraction of the cost of any other high-end moving company. So save your money and be smart.

A black girl siting on a chair surrounded by tall piles of boxes
Tired of doing it all alone? Call the pros to the rescue!

In the end, it’s all up to you. Your personal preference is what matters; so if you’re the type of person who enjoys packing with their family or friends, or you think it’s better if you finish everything on your own, then DIY is for you. On the other hand, if you want to spend more time with those people or on your hobbies, then simply hire pros.

We hope that you liked our small guide on moving artwork from Florida to California.  Both states are beautiful and they have something special. So have a great day and a stress-free move to California.



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