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Florida is the third most populous state in the USA. More than 21 million residents enjoy nice and warm weather, a great economy, a rich entertainment industry, and beautiful beaches. However, in recent years, many have decided that Florida is not the best choice. Although circa 300 000 people have moved to Florida in the last year, there has been a significant number of Floridians who moved to other states. If you are considering leaving Florida and are unsure whether you want to do so, NationwideMovers Florida gives you a list of the most common reasons people move out of Florida. Looking through them might help you make your final decision!

What are the most common reasons people leave Florida?

As we’ve already mentioned, some people don’t feel safe while living in Florida, and there are numerous reasons for this. Now, it’s not all black when it comes to living in Florida. Some places are very safe and will provide you with everything you need for a good life. But, on the other hand, crime rates are currently starting to rise. Ever since Florida turned to the IT industry, there has been an increase in thefts. The rising economy also makes it hard to find affordable housing. Real estate prices can be 3 or 4 times higher than average prices. Utilities, food and other services are also a bit more expensive, which is why many middle-class families are faced with the decision to move from Florida with the help of the best interstate moving companies Florida has.


A bunch of moving boxes
An unaffordable style of living is one of the most common reasons people move out of Florida.

Not everyone can get used to Florida’s climate

Climate is just one of the reasons people move out of Florida. Florida has high temperatures almost every day and not to mention the humidity level. Florida has a very hot and humid climate, and if you are suffering from some lung or heart conditions, Florida is not the best place for you. Due to Florida’s climate, people with asthma, arrhythmias and fainting conditions will have health problems.

Although there are times when living in Florida is good, and it doesn’t have such extreme heat, you can’t live there just because a couple of months are good every year. Furthermore, it is a well-known fact that heat and humidity cause many health problems in Floridians. It’s very easy to get heatstroke and just collapse from the heat, especially during the summer months. Florida is also constantly hit by intense rain, wind, tropical weather and hurricanes, which are strong reasons why people move out of Florida. Moreover, due to rising sea levels, some parts of the Miami Beach area are sinking, and they might disappear in the future.

Traffic and public transportation are reasons people move out of Florida

Although Florida is a very developed state with a sound transportation system and connections in-between cities, traffic is still very bad. And that’s just one of the most common reasons people leave Florida. Traffic is especially bad during the rush hours, between 5 and 7 PM. Endless traffic jams, irritated drivers, and public transportation that is crowded or late is a very normal occurrence. That can be irritating for those commuting to work or school for at least an hour. Since it’s known that traffic jams are related to air pollution, it’s no wonder why especially people with some medical conditions and families move from Florida with the help of long distance movers Delray Beach residents recommend.

Traffic jams- common reasons people leave Florida
Bad traffic is one of the disadvantages of living in Florida.

You can get unwanted guests

Florida is a beautiful sunny state. That means it attracts not only humans but also animals. Animals and insects enjoy nice warm weather, and since winters in Florida are mild, insects can enjoy their stay in nature and houses. Although these parasites are present in every country of the world. They tend to live and reproduce in warmer places such as Florida. Some of the most common “unwanted guests” in Florida include:

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Gulf coast ticks
  • Millipedes and Centipedes
  • Iguanas
  • Mosquitoes
  • Spiders

Insects are a common unwanted guest and can transmit diseases such as Lyme disease, Malaria, Scabies, etc. Ants are very common in South Florida, and the most common species include Fire ants, Carpenter ants, Argentine ants, and Acrobat ants. Fire ants are known to cause immense pain, stinging, and itching. Since insects and spiders are very small, they can come into your home unnoticed. Mosquitoes are extremely annoying and common in Florida, meaning they taunt people for months. Lastly, South Florida has had problems with iguanas sneaking into people’s homes, gardens, pools, etc. That is extremely scary for children and pets, which is why many families decide to move to a bit safer state. Or, at least, to a state with no iguanas and venomous spiders!

Escaping the city life or needing a change

One of the common reasons for moving is wanting to escape city life. That especially happens to older residents who want to escape noisy traffic, loud neighborhoods, and constant hurry. Usually, senior citizens are choosing smaller, northern states and more remote towns and relocate with the help of residential movers Florida. Another reason people move out of Florida is the need for change. That can happen for various reasons- students graduating, people escaping from bad memories, or getting bored from their hometown. Although these have nothing to do with Florida being a bad place to live in, some people need a bigger change in their life.

Night view of Miami, Florida
Florida has a very hot and humid climate and problems with air pollution.

All in all, Florida is not a scary place to live in. However, hot and humid weather, intense rain, wind, tropical weather, and hurricanes are reasons why people decide to move from Florida. Also, traffic jams and unwanted guests in form of insects are very common occurrences in Florida. Lastly, some of the common reasons people move out of Florida include a need for change and looking for a more peaceful and safe home.

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