Miami or Los Angeles – which is better for kids

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So you’ve decided to move to one of the two most popular cities in the US. But you can not decide which one is better to move to, Miami or LA. But if you’re moving with kids it’s a bit more difficult than if you were to move alone. That’s why NationwideMovers Florida would like to help you answer that question once and for all. Don’t get us wrong during the course of time and evolution and migrations, this will probably change as well. So we’ll be discussing the topic of Miami or Los Angeles – which is better for kids, in summer 2022. Particularly this time of the year and this year, in general, is quite hard for everyone. We hope that everything will play out just fine, so let’s see which city is better for your kids!

The cost of living in Miami vs Los Angeles

We’ll now compare the basic costs of living without and with the rent. For example, a family of four will on average spend 4,113$ without rent a month. Now the same family will spend $3,600 per month on living costs in Los Angles. So you’re thinking how is Los Angeles more expensive? Well, the average rent for four bedroom apartment is $6,300/month in Miami compared to $6,700/month in L.A. This is according to Zumper, a famous online renting website. Now what is highly debatable is that L.A. tends to have more expensive parts of the city and prices very high. From $12,000 per month to $4,000.  Be sure to move as fast as possible, especially because moving is easier for kids during the summer. It’ll also be easier for you since you are all on a vacation.

Calculator on the pile of cash with a pen next it on and an empty note;
As we all know California and especially L.A. has always been quite expensive, even today it’s one of the most expensive states to live in.

Now one thing that’ll probably affect all prices in both cities, Miami or Los Angeles, is the post-pandemic recession that’ll last at least 18 more months, according to experts. Also as you can see the conflict in Ukraine isn’t going to end soon. So the prices of all fossil fuels will increase, and since almost everything runs on fossil fuels, it’ll increase all other ices. You’ve probably noticed all of this by now, it’ll be even worse in fall and winter, that’s what the experts say. So pack your bags and it’s time to move. If you need more information about Miami vs. Los Angeles – living costs compared, we’ve got you covered. For example, gasoline prices are higher in L.A. as well as other utilities, but also the average salary is higher than in Miami.

Prices of schools in Miami compared to Los Angles

As one of the reliable interstate moving company Florida we can tell you that moving interstate has become quite a trend lately. Even if the prices of goods and services are rising people are still moving like never before. Now price of full day care in Los Angeles is anywhere from $268 to $4,220 per month, with an average of $1,430/month; this is an 8% increase since 2021. On the other hand in Miami is $770 for infants and around $600 for older preschoolers, that’s almost double the price of L.A.

Now the average tuition for elementary school is  $15,838 per year, it’s a bit lower for faith-based schools and a bit more expensive for secular schools in L.A. Now for private high schools, it’s $19,020 on average in Los Angeles. While in Miami tuition for private elementary is $9,673 per year and it’s $10,834 per year for private high schools.

A teacher writing on a greenboard;
If you are wondering which place has better schools, Miami or Los Angeles, research both places before the relocation.

As you can see by yourself all types of schools are cheaper in Miami compared to Los Angles. Also if you were planning and preparing for moving with the kids to Florida this summer, we’ve got some good news for you. If you’re looking about any other topic regarding moving, family, kids, advice, etc. check out our blog section. Let’s see the prices of colleges and universities in both states:

  • The average College tuition and fees for in-state students are $3,908 and $19,951 for out-of-state students in L.A.
  • For in state-students average University tuition and fee is $13,258 and $43,012 for out-of-state students in L.A.
  • The average College tuition and fees for in-state students are $3,811 for in-state and $13,043 for out-of-state in Miami.
  • For in state-students average University tuition and fee is  $6,071 and $28,658 for out-of-state students in L.A.

Entertainemnt and culture

So if you were wondering which one, Miami or Los Angeles, is the most diverse city in the world, you’ve guessed it’s Miami with 58.3% foreign-born residents, compared to Los Angeles with 37.7% foreign-born residents. Now when it comes to sports each city has its advantages. When it comes to basketball L.A. has the Lakers and Miami has Heat. Miami has one of the best NFL teams, the Miami Dolphins. On the other hand, if your kids are fans of MLB, the L.A. Dodgers are one of the best baseball teams in the world. Also when it comes to food if you prefer more European, Mexican, or Spanish cuisine it’s better to stay in Miami. Both places are good but L.A. has more multicultural festivals. Nowadays you can find every cuisine around the globe in almost every neighborhood. Let’s not forget Florida’s Walt Disney World and California’s Disneyland, which are unique in their ways.

Photo of Disney Castle;
In both cities, your kid will probably be one of the happiest in the world because he or she lives near Disneyland!

So this would be it for this post. If you need any help when moving from Miami to Los Angeles we can help you in every way possible, from packing to moving. Thank you for reading and we hope that we helped you. We’ve discussed Miami or Los Angeles – which is better for kids, and we hope that you got all the answers that you needed. In the end pick for yourself, the comparison thoroughly and pick more than one source. As we’ve explained Miami is a cheaper but smaller city. Los Angles is bigger but more expensive. If you need any additional information or any kind of move, you can visit our website and blog section. Have a stress-free great move!


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