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So you’ve decided to move interstate but you aren’t sure what items you can safely put in a moving truck? Don’t worry since we, as one of the most reliable moving companies in Florida, have decided to help you. We’ll explain which items are prohibited and which ones are not recommended to be carried interstate. You’ll have to dispose of some of them and or transport them on your own.  So here are our thoughts on items you should never try to move interstate. Let’s dive in!

Substances you should never move interstate

Nobody wants their stuff destroyed on a way to their new home or office. So the government has banned certain substances and products from being moved by commercial interstate movers. Only the best long distance movers Florida has, will provide you with a list of these substances and products:

  • flammable substances
  • explosive substances
  • corrosive substances
  • Environmentally harmful products
  • Additional dangerous substances
A person in a white suit opening Items you should never try to move interstate;
Don’t forget to consult local officials and movers, or try and google the items yourself. So no fireworks allowed!

If you are not sure about the product that you have in any of these categories you can do some of the next things. Call the company that made the product to check it, call the moving company to see if they can move, or try to find it online. We suggest doing the first two things since you’ll get a sure answer and it’ll save you some time.

What to do with items that you shouldn’t move interstate

The first on the list of items you should never try to move interstate are definitely hazardous and flammable materials. These things have the power to ignite on their own, explode, burn, or otherwise devastate the contents of the truck and anything in its vicinity. On the other hand, they may potentially endanger the lives of truckers, professional movers, and other people. Instead of trying to move them, you should try to recycle them.  You must find a hazardous waste disposal site that is under legal control and bring the item there. You can also give it away, sell it, donate it, or anything from the decluttering phase. Some of the best cross country movers Florida would advise you to contact your city or state officials and to talk with them to see if they have any useful advice.

So if you are moving interstate with family and you have more questions about hazardous items please contact a reliable moving company. They will explain to you everything in detail and they’ll give you more information about dangerous products. We’ll provide you with several items that are prohibited to move via commercial movers in most states in the US. You shouldn’t move flammables, including matches and lighter fluid, Abrasives, and acids, fireworks, vehicle batteries, burning explosives, candle wax or kerosene, chemical cleaners, fire extinguishers, oil-based paint, lubricants, and fuels, ammo, guns, ammonia, nail polisher, pesticides, insecticides, and the list goes on and on.

A person in a protected suit with a mask;
If you don’t know of any recycling centers in our neighborhood, ask your friend or family to help you find one. If they don’t know either then ask local officials or try to find the solution online.

Moving plants interstate

Now when it comes to moving plants this can get also complicated, but we’ll keep it simple. We can provide you with the pros and cons of moving long distances in the summer, but unfortunately, we can’t move your plants. The laws and regulations are prohibiting plants from moving from state to state, you could try to do it in your vehicle, but that is also prohibited. To put it this way this is to protect agriculture, and local ecosystems, and to stop the infestation from spreading. Also, plants can’t withstand temperature changes and stress during the move. So what can you do about your plants? You should bring your talent with you, that’s the best that you can do for now. Don’t get all desperate you’ll just start a new garden or buy new plants once you reach your new home.

Moving perishables

Now we’ve talked about moving food. The best way to move food is in a can or a jar and if it isn’t open. If it’s open eat it, throw it away or give it to someone. If you want to move some frozen foods it has to be under 24 hours max, so it can’t be a long trip. Also if you have meat or something that might spoil use a cooler. If you don’t pack the food properly in the right boxes and protect it, roaches and mice may come after it. You don’t want to infest your new house with pesky little bugs or mice, do you? So if you have spices, flour, sugar, and canned food you can take it with you but you have to store, label, and pack it properly.

Items you should never move interstate without your supervision

So you’re ready to go, you’ve packed everything and you’re about to move. So here are some things that aren’t banned but shouldn’t leave them out of your sight. We’re referring to financial statements, health records, collections of any kind, important records, gold, diamonds, or any other gemstones, government documents like passports, money (cash), credit cards, car keys, etc. The list can go on for days now but here are just some of the top things that probably everyone has. You should contact reliable movers if you want to move something like fine arts, expensive furniture, pianos, hot tubs, etc.

Two golden rings in a box, surrounded by golden accessories;
Your valuables should always be with you, also don’t forget that you pack them neat and tightly during your move.

Now that would be it for this post. We hope that you liked it and that we helped you. Now again if you’re not sure about any products contact local officials, or movers, or try and google it yourself. These were our tips on which items you should never try to move interstate. Be careful and have a stress-free move!



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