How to prepare your pet for moving long distances

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If you have a furry companion, we do not doubt that their happiness is very important to you. Additionally, you also understand that the everyday routine of your puppy needs to preserve regardless of the situation you are in. For that reason, in this article, we will help you prepare your pet for moving long distances. Relocation is a quite difficult process. You will need to have utmost attention and focus to complete every task thrown at you. However, the process can become even more overwhelming once you realize you have to pack and take care of your pet. Especially when you are moving on longer distances, you need to ensure your furry companion has everything it needs to be as happy and cheerful as usual. Let us discuss what you need to prepare before you hire Nationwidemovers.

How important is it that you prepare your pet for moving long distances?

Your pet has its daily routine. Even when moving, you want to ensure that it does not stray too far away from that routine. Meaning that your pet should have its potty, nap, and mealtime at the same time, like usual. By doing so, you will ensure that your pet does not get nervous. If your companion gets nervous, due to the change in its routine, it might make the process a lot more difficult. In addition, if you are, for example, moving from Miami to California, you have to take into account that you will be on the road with your pet for a long time.

a small puppy with a blue water bowl behind it
Puppies are more difficult to relocate with and if you do, you have to pay special attention to their needs and behaviour

Moving on such large distances means that your pet will have to do everything it does, while on the road. So, devote time to pack and prepare everything they need to be happy.

If you can – visit your new home with your pet

Visiting your new home will allow your pet to sniff around and adjust to the new surroundings. More importantly, once you move for good, your pet will be somewhat familiar with your new home. Changing the environment so quickly and suddenly might stress your pet out and create more serious issues. In addition, by taking your pet to your new home, you will be able to test how they handle being on the road. After all, when moving long distances, you will spend a good amount of time driving. Moreover, you should avoid doing a DIY method of moving as it can take more time to finish everything. You will be overwhelmed and will not have enough time and energy to devote to your pet.

Your pets can sense your stress

Sometimes it seems that stress is inevitable when moving. Being overwhelmed by items and obligations once can easily crack under high levels of stress. The worst part is that your pet can feel that stress and get nervous as well. If that happens, you will not have a fun time relocating with it. Instead, if you want to prepare your pet for moving long distances, try to remain as calm as possible.

a sad looking pug laying on the floor
If you notice your pet is getting moody while you prepare for the road, take a break and play with them to cheer them up

Realize that relocation is stressful to everyone and try to avoid it. Because you have to drive for a couple of hours minimum, you want your pet to be as calm as it can be. Try to incorporate playtime when taking a break from packing and preparing your items. Not only will this soothe your pet’s nerves, but it will also make it easier for them to accept the transition.

What to pack so you can prepare your pet for moving long distances?

When it comes to packing and preparing your home for the move, the room-by-room method is one of the best ways to do it. This way, you can tackle one room at a time and avoid creating clutter in your home. Additionally, this will allow you to prioritize items and rooms the way you want. When moving with a pet, you want to make sure that you pack their toys and other items last. Of course, this does not mean you should wait for the moving day to do so. Instead, try to do it one day before the moving day arrives. However, leave out some toys and a bed for your dog to sleep and play with until you leave.

Have an essentials bag with you

The essentials bag must contain every important thing your pet needs while on the road. On the other hand, the essentials bag is something you yourself will also need. So make sure you devote enough time to pack everything. When it comes to your pet, the bag should contain:

  • Food ad water bowl
  • Your dogs’ snacks and enough freshwater
  • Its favorite toys
  • A leash and a collar

Basically, this bag should hold everything your dog requires to ensure that the daily routine is not interrupted. Of course, the best way to control your pet while in the car is to bring a pet crate or carrier with you. Especially if the pet is used to it. Then, they might spend the whole journey napping and relaxing.

Stop from time to time and enjoy the view with your pet

Because you will be traveling long distances, this means you should also take breaks from time to time. This is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy some beautiful sightseeing with your pet. In addition, you can take your pet out as you are taking a break and let it go to the bathroom and sniff around. This will surely calm them down and make the relocation process much easier for both you and your pet.

a woman sitting with her dog outside as a way to prepare your pet for moving long distances
Take walks with your pet from time to time while on the road to entertain them

As we were saying, bring everything your companion needs on a daily basis when you prepare your pet for moving long distances. Make sure their routine is not changing and slowly work towards adapting it to its new surroundings.

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