How to pack fragile items to endure the long road

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Moving is a daunting process to go through. There are many things you will need to focus on and pay attention to. Furthermore, the way you approach each part of the relocation process will determine the overall experience you have with it. Therefore, the more you devote to making this process properly, the better it will be in the end. Now, there are many things that people find overwhelming with moving. One of the most common ones is packing items. Lucky for you, today we help you pack fragile items to endure the long road that awaits them. Moreover, if you have little to no experience with moving, but want to ensure the safety of your items, consider hiring Florida movers to help you. Aside from relocation, many moving companies offer services like packing, obtaining packing supplies, renting storage units, etc. Nonetheless, let us talk about properly packing items.

How should you pack fragile items to endure the long road when moving

The bigger the distance you are moving to, the more you have to pay attention to how you protect your items. In general, the overall safety of the items you transport will play a big role in your experience with relocations. Therefore, packing your items properly is one of the main things you should focus on when preparing for the move.

a woman using packing tape to reinforce the box as should you as you pack fragile items to endure the long road
Lacking experience with packing can lead to financial losses and high-stress levels

Granted, this process is also one of the most time-consuming and overwhelming ones. Thus, hiring the best cross country movers Florida, for example, will make the process much easier for you. Furthermore, if you have to move fragile and valuable items, like pianos or antiques, hiring professional movers is always better than doing it yourself. When dealing with valuable items, it is best to leave them to professionals. Now, let us discuss ways to pack items.

First and foremost, obtain adequate packing supplies

You will not be able to provide adequate protection to your items without having proper packing supplies at hand. Therefore, your first task should be obtaining these supplies. Whether you are moving your book collection that has high value or moving simple items like clothes, proper packing supplies ensure their safety. Because these items are important to you, making sure they are well-protected, ensures that you have a positive relocation experience. Furthermore, each type of item will require different protection. Hence, using the right supplies ensures the safety of the items you move. Some of the most common packing supplies you will use are:

  • Moving containers (cardboard or plastic boxes mostly)
  • Packing paper, plastic wrap
  • Bubble wrap or other cushioning materials
  • Packing tape and scissors
  • Notes or pieces of paper to label the boxes

Declutter and organize before you start packing

Decluttering your items before packing them will be very helpful for the packing process. Namely, decluttering allows you to go through all of your belongings and decide which one you want to take with you. Moreover, it makes it easier for you to gain insight into all of the items that you need to pack. Once you declutter, you will be left with all the items you want to focus on. This will not only make the packing process easier but will also lower the expenses for moving and create additional space for more items.

a woman carrying a couple of cardboard boxes out of the room
Organizing before packing will make the packing process much easier

Once you are sure that all of the items you want to move with you are there you can start to pack fragile items to endure the long road. More importantly, you can use the decluttering process to organize your items by size, type, fragility, etc.

Use layers to pack fragile items to endure the long road

Fragile items require a lot of protection. Whether you are moving them on short distances or longer ones, they will require the same amount of attention and protection. If you have to prepare fragile items from your household for the move, you need to incorporate layers in the packing process. What do we mean by this? Well, you need to incorporate layers in-between each item you place inside the container. For instance, place a soft, cushioning material at the bottom of the box before placing fragile items on it. Later, place cushioning materials after each row of items you place inside. Furthermore, we can place cushioning items between each fragile item to ensure their safety. So, whether you are moving from Florida to California, or moving locally, fragile items require the same protection.

Wrap each item individually

Fragile items can make the packing process much longer and harder for you. One of the reasons for that is that you need to devote attention to each, individual item you pack. For instance, if packing glassware, you have to wrap and protect each glass or bowl. The same is with other fragile items.

a woman using tape to reinforce bubble wrap over a bowl
To ensure the safety of every item you transport you need to devote enough attention to each item

Place a soft item on the floor, even a carpet will do. Next, start placing packing papers or bubble wrap around the items. Make sure the item is fully wrapped and use packing tape to reinforce the wrap. Later, place the item safely into the moving container. Furthermore, if you are packing hollow items, like glasses, you need to fill them inside. This will prevent shock damage and scratching while in transport.

The heaviest items go at the bottom of the box

Finally, if you are going to pack fragile items to endure the long road, you need to know which item goes where. Therefore, once you start packing, make sure that the heaviest items go at the bottom of the box. This will prevent the heavy item from crushing the items below it. Moreover, if you are moving heavy objects make sure that you use smaller boxes. Large boxes might accommodate a lot of items, but they are not good for heavy items. Instead, the smaller the box is, the more weight it can pull.

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