How to pack breakable items for an interstate move

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Packing for the move can be a delicate process. While some items can be easily bundled up together, others have to be packed with more care. There are many ways professional movers can help you pack and organize your move, from doing inventory with you to providing useful advice before the move. If you are planning to move, you should contact AmeriSafe Moving Services Florida. Depending on the distance and the type of move, there will be different things to look out for. If you’re wondering how to pack breakable items for an interstate move, here’s all you should know about it.

Is it hard to pack breakable items for an interstate move?

Packing can be a lengthy job but it can also be easy if you know how to do it. Also, it’s important to note that when packing, the distance for transportation may impact how you want to protect your items. Unfortunately, the distance also sometimes dictates what you can move and what you cannot. While hazardous materials cannot be transported in any scenario, especially for longer distances, other organic items that may seem harmless cannot be transported either. For example, transporting plants is not possible as they require light and water. Since interstate moving can take a few days and there’s no way to treat the plant, it’s best if some things are not transported. You should contact professional movers when moving from Miami to California and check with them about what they can safely transport.

moving box
Packing properly greatly amounts to the safety of your items.

Know your insurance before you pack breakable items for an interstate move

The standard insurance you get with most moving companies by default usually doesn’t include insurance for fragile and breakable items. This usually costs a little bit extra but that’s because it’s not that easy to guarantee the safety of fragile items when moving from Miami to Los Angeles. The standard insurance will usually only cover the regular items while being handled by moving company employees. In other words, while your items are being carried and in transport, they will be insured. In order to make sure that you and the movers are all on the same page and understand what needs to be carried with more care, you should do an inventory of your belongings, and here’s how to do it.

What to do before packing for the move?

To make packing an easier process, you should do your inventory first. It doesn’t matter if items are breakable or not, everything should go on the list. Depending on the type of move, the scope of the job may vary. If you are hiring movers for a residential move, doing your inventory may not be such a lengthy process. On the other hand, commercial relocations may mean you need to do an inventory of multiple floors of office space and various special equipment. In those cases, it’s best if professionals help you do your inventory. This way everyone stays on the same page and every item can be accounted for.

necessary packing supplies to pack breakable items for an interstate move
You will only need basic tools to start packing breakable items for an interstate move.

Residential moving

When packing for a residential move, you will deal with a lot of personal things. That’s why it’s a good idea to try and do your inventory by yourself initially. You should go through all your things and ask yourself if you are going to need them in the future. Ask yourself if you used an item in the past year, and rethink if you still need it. Anything that you’re not sure you want to bring with you to your home can reduce the amount you need to pack and transport.

You can donate any unwanted items or even sell clothes and other old items. This way you can round up your budget and make your life easier while packing.

Commercial moving

When moving businesses, it’s better to have a dedicated team of employees with professional movers to do the inventory. There will usually be a lot of furniture and it must be all labeled properly before the move. To be able to set up the office in the new space, best interstate moving companies Florida need to know where to place what and understand your vision for the future furniture layout. Make sure you communicate it clearly.

glass breaking
Glasses are commonly transported and are considered one of the most fragile items.

Packing kitchen items and glassware

Packing your kitchen is something you can do by yourself. It is delicate but it can also be fun and easy if you know what to do. You will need to get specialized moving carton boxes, a lot of paper, and some duct tape. The items in the kitchen will usually be the most fragile items you’ll be packing when moving residentially, but office spaces will have them as well. Try to clear up a table where you can lay the paper. You will need to roll most of the items into the paper so it’s important you have a flat space to work with.

Place your plates one at a time on a piece of paper and roll them entirely. Use some paper to create a soft layer inside the box and carefully place the sides of the plates down in the box while keeping the bundled up. This will create the most support and it will reduce the chance they get broken in transport. You should also entirely roll glasses in the paper, but you should place them in the box differently. Unlike plates, if you put glasses’ sides down, they would break more easily. Instead, you should place them bottoms down. Make sure you fill any air pockets with crushed paper when you pack breakable items for an interstate move. Glasses will leave a lot of these throughout the box and it’s important there’s no room for movement inside the box.



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