How to organize a green relocation from Florida to another state

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Moving isn’t exactly seen as an ecologically beneficial activity. While moving boxes are recyclable, most movers generate a lot of garbage, waste a lot of supplies, and drive a lot. And, with the typical American relocating 11.4 times during their lifetime (and many individuals moving more than that), each of us has a significant environmental effect. Fortunately, reducing your carbon footprint by adopting green moving is rather straightforward, especially if you prepare ahead. In this article, you will find out how to organize a green relocation from Florida to another state. AmeriSafe Moving Services Florida is a professional moving company that can help you move and keep the environment safe.

Declutter before you organize a green relocation

The best strategy to organize a green relocation is to move fewer goods. This phase, however, is ineffective if your decluttering results in a large amount of trash being dumped. Consider whether you could sell, give, or recycle the items before tossing them out. Throwing things out should be your very last resort. You’ll need fewer moving boxes and maybe a smaller truck if you finish this task.

A woman sorting out clothes
When you organize a green relocation from Florida to another state, start with decluttering

Relocation is an excellent chance to get rid of items you no longer need and donate them to a greater cause. Sort the goods you want to get rid of into “donate,” “recycle,” and “toss” piles as you prepare ready for your relocation. Your throw pile should be as minimal as possible, containing only objects that you can’t think of another use for. You may give good-condition unwanted things to a variety of charity organizations. Your state to state movers Florida would recommend this.

Organize a green relocation from Florida to another state by packing in things you already own

You’ll almost certainly need some boxes for your relocation, but you may drastically reduce the overall number by packing your belongings in containers you already own. Among them are:

  • Plastic containers
  • Suitcases
  • Drawers in dresser
  • Duffel bags and gym bags
  • Reusable shopping bags

If you have a box that can hold more than one item, fill it up before packing. Use a fresh rubbish bag to line your little bathroom trash bin and keep objects from under your sink, for example. The more you can pack into existing containers, the fewer boxes you’ll have to buy. This is a great solution if you are moving from Miami to California, because you will need less space in a moving truck, and it will be cheaper.

Also, make the most of all the holes to limit the number of boxes you need to buy and transfer to a minimum. If you’re packing your kitchen, for example, consider placing smaller goods in jugs and huge pots. Spice jars might be stored in your crockpot for easy transport. Cutlery might be stored in a Tupperware container. Leave no vacant gaps in your packing boxes if at all feasible.

How to find boxes when organizing a green relocation from Florida to another state

Online shopping isn’t the most environmentally friendly way to get what you need. However, it’s a common aspect of contemporary life and the boxes your products come in can have a double purpose. If you know you’ll be moving soon, start saving the boxes you get when you purchase products online. That way you can use them later. Break them down and put them somewhere out of sight and mind, like your garage or basement, or even beneath your bed, until you need them again. When the time to organize a green relocation from Florida to another state comes, you will be almost ready.


Two girls holding cardboard and preparing to organize a green relocation from Florida to another state
Don’t buy boxes, borrow or rent them

Without a question, moving boxes are the most convenient method to organize and arrange your relocation. It also makes things easier for your movers because uniform-sized boxes are easier to fit into a vehicle. But what if you don’t want to feel bad about buying fresh boxes? Asking around to see if anyone has any available is the first step. People are frequently eager to get rid of their reusable boxes once they have settled in following a move. If you offer to take them off their hands, you could be doing them a favor. If you can’t find somebody willing to give you boxes, you may rent them. Afterward, just unpack and return them. If you are not sure you can do it right, there are always packing services to hire.

Don’t buy wrapping materials

Other packing materials, such as the materials you use to wrap your things for safe transit, are not as easily recycled as cardboard boxes. While such materials may be recycled at specified pickup places, many individuals neglect to do so and wind up throwing away a majority of their packing materials. Start with what you already have before buying items that are difficult to dispose of later. You can use towels, linens, blankets, and even clothing to carefully wrap goods for packing. You can use newspapers because you can recycle them in your regular recycling container if you need more. If you do need to utilize plastic packaging materials, Recycle Finder will show you what you can recycle.

A woman holding white and brown paper
Use the materials that can be recycled

Find a  green moving company

Last, but not least important thing to do when you organize a green relocation from Florida to another state is to find an appropriate moving company. Hiring an environmentally conscious moving company is one of the greatest methods to reduce the environmental effect of your relocation. A green moving company will use biodiesel-fueled vehicles instead of standard gas. They will also assist you to put up reusable moving boxes so you don’t have to worry about using cardboard boxes. If you want storage in addition to relocating, inquire with your green moving company about eco-friendly storage options. A green storage facility is often one enormous warehouse packed with recyclable, renewable wooden containers, which eliminates the need for separate rooms and wasted space. You’ll definitely save money while also helping the environment because green storage facilities only charge you for the space you really utilize.


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