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No need to mention the challenges of a moving process. A variety of different tasks are waiting for you. Still, if you are a person who loves plants and want to relocate them as well, prepare in advance. Among many other difficulties, plants demand special care. Of course, you can always rely on the moving companies in Florida. However, you are to do a great deal of work in order to move plants across the country properly. Thus, start from good preparation.

Prepare in advance to move plants across the country

First and foremost, decide whether you’ll relocate all the plants. Maybe some plants are too large. Also, some plants won’t adapt well to the new environment. Or simply, you don’t need too many plants at the new place. After making a decision, prepare the plants you are to relocate across the country. By all means, start a few weeks before the move. Therefore, get rid of the dead leaves and branches. Also, re-pot the plants in the plastic containers. At least one week before the move remove dust and pest. Water the plants. The soil should be moist. Moreover, prepare all the necessary packing material.

woman re-potting a plant preparing to move plants across the country
Take special care of each plant. Carefully re-pot. Make sure the roots are always damp.

What do you need for packing?

Above all, make a detailed moving checklist. Among all the other packing supplies, plants will need special items for packing.

  • sturdy moving boxes for each plant
  • plastic pots
  • sterilized potting soil
  • bubble wrap
  • plastic bags and ties
  • flea collars
  • paper towels 

The procedures for the safe relocation

Since you’ve probably re-potted the plants in plastic containers, pack the clay pots. You’ll need them while arranging plants in your new home. Check for the bugs. Furthermore, you can place a flea collar on the base of plastic pots. Indeed, it will protect your plants from pests. Water the plants the day before the move. Surely, that’ll be enough when moving from Florida to California. Thus avoid watering them on the day of the move. On the other hand, when you’re moving in the summer, water them even on the moving day. After all, we must protect them from extreme temperatures.

a woman watering a plant
When you plan to move plants across the country make sure the potting soil is moist enough.

What to do with large and outdoor plants?

No matter how much you like them, avoid transporting the plants across the country. After all, you can always take the cutting. Of course, you should it on the morning of your departure. After the cutting, keep the end moist by wrapping it in wet paper towels. Moreover, don’t forget to secure the towels with rubber bands or ties. Then, put the cutting in a plastic pot. Make sure the soil is moist. As a result, try to re-grow your plant at your new house.

a variety of plants on the wooden shelfs
In case of too many plants decide which ones you’ll relocate. Also, you can give something to your friends and neighbors. Or else, keep a cutting.

Take care of the large plants if you decide to transport them

Due to its size, you must prune the plants. They shouldn’t be heavy at the top. Otherwise, they may tip. Place the plastic container in the large box. Additionally, surround it with newspapers so that plants can’t move inside the box.

Can movers take good care of your plants?

Unfortunately, not all moving companies will accept transporting plants. Reliable Florida movers want to offer the best services. Nevertheless, taking care of the plants brings huge risks. Therefore, don’t lie to your company. Respect the terms of the contract. Otherwise, find a company that will handle your plants with care.

Opt for the best way to move the plants

The final decision is yours. Choose the best and safest way for transportation of plants. Bear in mind the safety of your plants. Moreover, consider your budget.

Take them in the car with you

Maybe the safest way is to transport plants in a car. Thus, you’ll be able to control the temperature. Our advice is to put them in the cabin of the car. After all, they need air. Logically, the truck of the car would be a bad solution.

The moving company will accept transporting the plants

If you choose the company that has no troubles relocating your plants you’re in luck. Thus, your task is to prepare them well. Also, make sure to load plants last in the truck. At the same time, they’ll be the first to get off the truck.

You can always choose shipment via air

In order to minimize the bad impacts of the travel and weather, you can take your plants on the plane. However, air transport is the best option for the cuttings. Still, in case you choose this type of transport check for specific requirements of the airline companies. Maybe certain plants are not allowed on the plane.

Send plants through the mail

Due to the time of year, take extra precaution when choosing this way of transport. Hence, secure the plants. Especially with extreme temperatures. Also, we advise you to choose the fastest shipping method. Furthermore, avoid weekends and holidays.

Expect changes after the arrival to a new home

Finally, make sure to re-pot the plants in clay pots as soon as possible. Bear in mind that plants need time to adjust to the new environment. Thus, it takes time. Even a few weeks. Moreover, don’t be afraid if they start losing leaves. It’s a normal reaction.

Make your new home beautiful

All in all, it’s quite stressful when you are to move plants across the country. Still, they are the ones that give life to your new home. Therefore, make detailed preparation. Carefully re-pot the plants. Make sure the soil is moist enough. Water and air are needed during the transport. To tell the truth, it’s time-consuming. Still, when you love plants nothing is too difficult. Certainly, they’ll decorate your new home with their beauty and scent.

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