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Moving can be a big task. Think of it like going on a long journey. But what about your office plants? They’re like your green friends, always there, making your workspace lively. When it’s time to move them, you want to be sure they’re safe and happy on this journey. That’s why many people ask experts for help. You can count on the help of the network of AmeriSafe Nationwide Movers we have to offer to assist with your relocation. But, you need to move office plants carefully and on your own. So, if you’re thinking about moving and you’re wondering about your plants, you’re in the right place. Let’s learn the best way to help your leafy friends on their moving adventure!

Why do you need to prepare your office plants?

Office plants, much like any other asset in your workspace, hold significant value. They not only beautify the space but also contribute to the well-being and productivity of employees by purifying the air and providing a calming atmosphere. However, relocating them, especially across long distances, can be a delicate process. Plants are living beings and sensitive to sudden changes in environment, handling, and transportation conditions.

A woman in an office with a plant behind her
Office plants are an important part of your workplace

Similarly to the task of moving your business, without proper preparation, they can experience shock, wilting, or even die during the move. This is where the quality tips come in to make things easier. When choosing among our network of commercial movers Florida companies rely on there will be professionals that can handle business relocations without problems. However, plants will be something you need to handle on your own in general. As you’ll almost surely have to move them on your own, preparing them will ensure that your green companions reach their new destination in the best possible condition.

Preparation will be key to success

In any task, your preparation often determines the outcome. This is especially true when it comes to relocating your office. Imagine the complexity of moving delicate items like office plants. Without the right approach and detailed planning, your plants won’t make it. Moreover, each region, with its specific challenges, requires unique strategies. For instance, Florida, with its humid climate and distinct geography, presents a set of unique moving challenges. By partnering with local movers Florida dwellers endorse from our network, you gain access to help for other parts of the relocation process. The more you’re ready, the smoother you can move office plants.

Have the essentials available for packing

Packing is more than just placing items in boxes. Above all, it’s the art of ensuring each item’s safety and efficient transportation. The quality of your packing materials plays a pivotal role in this process. Whether you’re packing delicate office plants, fragile glassware, or bulky furniture, having the right supplies is essential to prevent damage and ensure a smooth move. But where do you source these specialized materials? Turning to a trusted provider specializing in moving supplies Florida residents recommend from our network will ensure you receive high-quality materials. Before you move office plants, here are some of the essentials you should have, such as:

  • Scissors
  • Cardboard box
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Plastic pots
A woman using a crate to move office plants
Ensure you have all the necessary materials for packing up your plants

Prepare your plants for the climate during transit

Plants, being sensitive, react to these swift changes in temperature and humidity. A journey through a cooler region or a sudden exposure to harsh sunlight can stress them. For that reason, it’s essential to anticipate these changes and prepare your plants accordingly. Ensure they’re shielded from direct sun, maybe by using a breathable fabric or placing them in a part of the vehicle that doesn’t get overheated. Similarly, if you’re moving through cooler zones, keep them insulated from sudden chills. Hydrating them adequately before the move can also help them cope better. Remember, the goal isn’t just to move your plants but to ensure they arrive at the new office as vibrant and healthy as when they started the journey.

Help your plants get over the transition period

Moving can be hard on plants. Just like people need time to feel at home in a new place, plants need time to adjust to a new office. After you move, find a good spot for your plants where they get the right amount of light. Not too much, not too little. Water them a little, but don’t give them too much water right away. It’s like giving them a gentle welcome to their new office. Talk to them and touch their leaves gently. It might sound funny, but it helps them know they’re safe. After a few days, you’ll see them start to look happy and healthy again. Remember, with a little care and patience, your plants will feel in place and make your office even prettier.

A person watering plants
The care shouldn’t stop after you successfully move office plants

Know that your plants follow the regulations

When moving plants, it’s not just about keeping them safe and happy. There are rules to follow, too. Every place has its own rules about which plants can come in and which can’t. This is to keep harmful bugs and diseases away. If you’re moving your office to or within Florida, it’s important to check these rules. You wouldn’t want to bring a plant and then find out it’s not allowed. So, before your move, make sure to check out the plant regulations of the state of Florida to ensure everything is done accordingly. This way, you’re not only caring for your plants but also following the law. Above all, you want to have plants in your office that fit in it in every way.

Get your office plants to your new location

Taking care of our office plants is like looking after our green friends. They give us fresh air, brighten up our workspace, and help us feel happy. So, when it’s time for a big move, we want the best for them. Knowing how to move office plants is a special skill. It’s about understanding them, packing them safely, and making sure they’re happy in their new home. With the right steps and a little love, your leafy work buddies will continue to shine and grow, no matter where they are.

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