How to move fragile items across the state borders

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It is a known fact that packing is one of the most demanding aspects of relocation. To make things more difficult, fragile things cause even more complications. Nevertheless, we must transport them. Therefore, careful preparation and organization are crucial when you move fragile items. The best idea is to rely on Florida movers. You’ll be certain your possessions are in safe hands. Still, you must pack well everything so the movers can do their part of a job. Take a deep breath and start immediately without rushing.

Prepare in advance

As mentioned earlier, it’s quite important to prepare thoroughly to relocate fragile items. Thus, when you decide to move start preparing instantly. A good plan will lead you to success. How to plan it? Firstly, find all the necessary packing materials. We can suggest the most significant ones.

  • boxes
  • bubble wraps
  • dish and glass packers
  • markers
  • packing paper
  • packing peanuts
  • plastic furniture covers
  • tapes

Furthermore, if you plan to save money, use free packing material.

  • towels
  • sheets
  • newspapers
  • old t-shirts

Use pre-divided boxes

This type of boxes is quite helpful for certain products such as dishes or glassware. As a result, the movement of the items is limited. Therefore, you diminish the chances of damage.

What to do with electronics and other appliances?

Here’s a way to save money too. Use original packing supplies for electronics and household appliances. Due to the appropriate size, your products will be well protected during transportation.

Undertake steps to move fragile items

After preparation, start packing. Moving delicate things demands your full attention. Furthermore, the requirement of the best cross country movers Florida is inevitable. As a result, get familiar with the proper techniques you can use while packing.

a man and woman wrapping something using bubble wrap and tape
In order to ensure the safety of your possessions, protect them completely. Use adequate packing material.

Secure the bottom of the box

First of all, make sure the bottom is safe and strong to support the load. Therefore, tape all the seams and corners. Put the heaviest things on the bottom. The lighter will be on the top. If possible, choose thicker and sturdier boxes. Moreover, small boxes are an excellent choice with heavy fragile items. They’re much easier to handle.

Make a cushion base

Line the inside of the box with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or towels.

Secure each item

Wrap each thing with bubble wrap, packing paper, newspaper, sheets, or a towel.

Place the items in their place

Then, put your items in a box carefully. Don’t allow empty space in the box. Fill it with paper, towels, packing peanuts. It’s crucial to prevent items from moving inside the box. Additionally, remember not to overpack.

Finally, seal the box

The top of the box should be sealed with tape. Then, label the boxes. Everyone should know the fragile items are inside. Thus, they’ll handle it with proper care.

a man sealing the box using tape
Finalize the packing of fragile things. Make sure the box is sealed and labeled.

Take your time

By all means, don’t rush. Moving sensitive equipment might take a while. With this in mind, start right away. Go slowly, paying attention to each detail. After all, you need to take a rest. Hence, divide your time smartly.

What are the items you must pay special attention to?

Among many delicate possessions, we have selected a few. Therefore, read on to get familiar with proper ways of handling those items.

  • plates, dishes
  • glassware
  • lamps
  • pictures and frames
  • TVs
  • electronics and appliances
  • delicate furniture

Move plates safely

Due to its delicacy, be careful with the plates. Thus, wrap each plate with paper or newspaper. Moreover, put them in a vertical position. Also, use small or medium boxes.

a woman giving a wrapped plate to someone
If you plan to move fragile items safely, pack them properly. Fill in all the gaps in the boxes.

Pay attention to the glassware

Packing china crystal glassware when moving can be really stressful. Still, take a deep breath and protect your glassware. Important to realize, wrap each glass. If possible, put them in pre-divided boxes. Limit the possibility to shift around inside the box.

How to protect the lamps?

Carefully put the lamps in the boxes. Make sure the flat side goes down. At the same time put the bubble wraps where appropriate.

TVs and picture need delicate care

It’s quite tricky to pack flat tv screens. Firstly, remove the cables and other parts. Pack them in a specially labeled box. Then, wrap the screen in a soft moving blanket. Put it carefully in a box. Also, the situation is similar to that of pictures and frames.

Original packing is sometimes your solution

Electronics and household appliances will be best protected inside original packing. The boxes are designed to fit the products. Not too much empty space. Therefore, don’t discard this idea if you still have original boxes.

Delicate furniture demands special care

Indeed,  the best thing to do is to dismantle the furniture. Of course, if there’s a possibility to do that. Hence, it will facilitate safe transportation. Also, don’t forget to wrap the furniture to protect it from scratches and other damages.

Think about using storage

Settling in your new home can go smoothly with the help of storage services. Thus, all your fragile items will be safe in one place. Moreover, you’ll arrange things in your new home in no time. Also, more space for bulky items. At least until you find the right place for them in your home. Therefore, don’t hesitate to use storage.

Enjoy your new home with all your things

All in all, we all know it’s hard to move fragile items to another state. However, you can do everything if you try hard enough. Thus, prepare thoroughly. Indeed, you’ll need a lot of packing materials. Follow proper packing techniques. It goes without saying that you should take small steps. In case you want to do the job properly, don’t be too fast. Precision is what matters in these cases. Finally, you’ll be in your new home enjoying your delicate items.

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