How to help your kids adapt to living in LA after leaving Miami

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Every parent who relocated before will tell you how stressful the whole ordeal can be for the kids. Children leave behind their friends and experience a complete change of surroundings and have no control over it. Getting used to takes time and can be unpleasant for the parents. But, don’t fret. Florida movers will teach you how to help your kids adapt to living in LA after leaving Miami.

All you need to know to help your kids adapt to living in LA after leaving Miami

There are quite a few ways you can make the whole process easier on your kids. Kids can react to them in many different ways, but some of the general ones are useful nonetheless. Therefore, we’ve prepared a list of the most essential tips that you can rely on during your next long-distance relocation. The most important tips include:

  • be prepared yourself
  • discuss it with them in advance
  • try to hold on to old routines
  • bring their favorite toys with you
  • be patient with them
  • explain to them why moving was necessary
  • help your kids adapt to living in LA after leaving Miami by encouraging socializing with other kids
parents trying to help your kids adapt to living in LA after leaving Miami
Your kids will adapt easily, but only with your help.

Start planning early

When relocating over a long distance, for example moving from Miami to Los Angeles, there are many things to worry about. Packing up, driving to LA, moving in, and everything else in between takes time. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, the whole thing can easily fall apart. Start preparing early by taking everyone’s schedule into account. Next, pick a moving date, and schedule any services you are going to need, like a moving truck.

Begin packing a few weeks before the move, and start with less used parts of the house like the garage or the attic. Leave the bathroom and bedrooms for last. Label everything as you pack, and add the item name, quantity, and room it will go into when it’s time to unpack. Making an inventory list is a good idea too. Another useful packing tip is to have an essentials box for each member of your family. Documents, personal devices, and medication should always be kept close.

Talk to your kids

Another thing you’ll have to do before moving from Miami to California is discussing your move with your kids. The last thing you want is for your kids to learn about it on a moving day. Give them time to mentally prepare, say goodbye to their friends, etc. Some crying or tantrums are perhaps inevitable, but letting them know is the right thing to do. After a while, they will hopefully understand.

Stick to the routine as it helps them get used to their new home

The best way to make the transition from Florida to LA as smooth as possible is to nurture the old habits of your kids. If they’re used to playing in the park every few days, make sure to find a great park near your new home and go there with them. This will help them realize that things won’t necessarily change for the worse after moving to LA.

picture of a town during the sunset
Even though LA is very attractive in some aspects, you’ll need to help your kids adapt to living in LA after leaving Miami.

Don’t forget their favorite toys

While on the trip and even after you arrive, your children’s favorite toys can prove to be an invaluable tool to keep them calm. Kids have a lot of energy, and making them sit still in the car for hours is not an easy task. Even if you’re gonna fly to LA, toys can help alleviate your child’s fear of flying. If you give them something to play with, they will not only be calmer, but they’ll more easily handle anything. Think of their toys as their temporary best friends.

Have patience as your kids try to adapt

Naturally, you can’t expect your kids to adapt in an instant. Even if they resist getting used to new surroundings for a while, it’s inevitable. Sooner or later, they will forget about their old home, and as they find new friends and favorite places, they will learn to love the new one. If you lose your temper and lash out, or visibly lose your patience, that can only negatively affect your kids. Children are smarter than you might think, they can read your emotions, tone, and the look in your eyes.

Tell them why you needed to move

This is another reliable way to help your kids get used to living in LA. If they refuse to adapt and constantly bring up your old home in Florida, talk with them about why you had to leave. Whether it’s because of business, health, or any other reason, if you explain it well to your kids it will help them to adapt that much faster. They will learn that moving isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and they will be more open to it if it needs to happen in the future.

Let them play with neighboring kids

Kids need a certain dose of independence, and the best way they can satisfy that need is by playing with other kids. If they socialize constantly they will not only have more self-confidence but more will to adapt. Therefore, don’t lock them up inside the house all day. Not only is it harmful to your kid’s mental health, but to their physical health too. While you meet your new neighbours ask them if they have kids and if they do try to befriend your kids with theirs.

Happy kids playing by jumping on a bed.
Letting your kids meet new friends means that they adapt much faster.


Now that you know how to help your kids adapt to living in LA after leaving Miami, you can start planning your relocation. Be prepared, have patience, and approach things in the correct way. If you stick to these simple steps, you drastically increase the odds of your move going smoothly. If you need more advice, give moving companies Delray Beach a call. They will gladly assist you and help make your move a thrilling experience.


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