How to help your dog prepare for interstate relocation

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Every dog owner knows how difficult it is when big changes happen in the family and how to make that transition easier for a four-legged furry friend. Whether it is the arrival or departure of a family member, another pet, or just – relocation. Dogs feel our energy, and in situations such as moving, they feel our nervousness, stress, and strain. This makes him feel the same way. So how can you handle that? How to help your dog prepare for interstate relocation?

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Puppy in a wooden crate
Take care of your furry friend!

What moving can do to your pet and how to help your dog prepare for interstate relocation?

Moving can be extremely stressful for your dog as well, not just for you. First, health can be poorly tolerated, ranging from nausea to diarrhea and feelings of weakness. Then, if you have an old dog, the journey itself, or the number of hours spent on the trip, can be especially difficult. Also, if you have a dog with separation anxiety, he will experience great stress if he is separated from you, for example, if you travel by plane or are completely separated. But don’t worry, there are many ways to prepare your dog when moving! What to do, you may ask? Here are some of the tips!

Vet check!

For example, if you are moving from Miami to Los Angeles, it is quite a long way for your pet, and you need to check with your vet to see if he can handle it.

The first important thing is that, if you know how to move months in advance, you regularly vaccinate your dog against infectious diseases, so that he can fly a plane. Don’t forget that only chipped, healthy dogs, older than eight weeks, can fly the plane. If your vet confirms that your dog has all of the above, you have no problem. But still, it would not be bad to do blood tests and a general examination, to make sure he is healthy and ready for the long traveling. 

Woman asking her vet how to help her dog prepare for interstate relocation
Go to your vet before moving!

Plan your trip

This way, you will always know when what will happen, how much time you have left, and how to get organized. You will be calm and relieved, and therefore your dog. This is one way to make it easier for dogs to move the interstate!

If you are moving from Florida to California with the help of a moving agency, ask what the policy is when it comes to moving pets. Do they have appropriate dog crates and vehicles to transport them? Also, some of the moving agencies do not do this at all, so you need to plan another way of moving your pet in advance. This way you will have time, for example, to buy a plane ticket for your pet, and to get him used to the dog crate if he hasn’t already.

Getting used to a dog crate – how to do it the easiest way?

First of all – there are few types of crates:

  • Soft-Sided Dog Crates
  • Plastic Dog Crates
  • Metal or Wire Crates for Dogs
  • Combination Crates for Dogs

How do you do that? It is important that the dog does not experience stress on moving days. And that will happen if you put him in a small crate in which he will travel, for the first time in his life. He does not understand that he has to be there of the travel policy, and he will be afraid, become anxious, and eventually get a panic attack. Don’t let that happened!

To avoid this, prepare it months in advance. Leave the crate next to his sleeping place, open, with treats inside. This will connect the crate with the reward, and thus with the feeling of satisfaction and peace. When he enters the crate, act relaxed, caress him, or tell him “Good job!”. After a while, close the door of the crate, but still, be next to it and talk to him. Let it be a few minutes at first, then longer and longer. In this way, they will certainly get used to the transporter in which they will travel until the moment of moving.

Black dog in a crate
Prepare him for the dog crate time

Do not step away from the schedule and that way help your dog prepare for an interstate relocation

Until the day of moving, you try to give up your daily activities at the time he passed. Any change, in terms of walking, feeding, or sleeping times can disturb your dog. And you don’t want that to happen if you want your dog to be prepared for interstate relocation. Stay in the schedule as long as you can. Also, do not move his belongings until the last moment. This means that food and water bowls, bed, and toys are in the usual place at all times. Your dog will be calm and will not feel the stress of moving.

Involve him in the relocation process

It would be easiest to take him to a friend while you are packing, but will it help him? By no means. If you separate him from his family, he will become anxious, and you don’t want that to happen before the trip. Although it may be a little more crowded, leave him with you until the moment of moving. Include it in all aspects of relocation.

When you pack, let him sniff the boxes and be in the same room with you. When collecting things, let him walk freely through the house, as he could before. Dedicate yourself to him even though you are overwhelmed with obligations. Throw him a ball, a toy, give him a treat. It is enough for dogs to talk to them, you don’t have to pet them all the time. Invite them to go with you from room to room as you pack. They will enjoy it, and you will have company while you pack. Great, isn’t it?

When you have done everything to help your dog prepare for an interstate relocation, the move itself comes. When that happens, be sure to put his favorite toy and something of yours, such as a worn T-shirt, in the crate to make him feel safe. This will make transporting your dog the easiest and least stressful. Don’t worry, with these tips, your furry friend will be fine. And after that follows a joint exploration of the new home and neighborhood!

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