How to avoid injuries during relocation?

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Relocation is often an overwhelming process to go through. First, you have to come up with detailed plans on how to approach the packing process. Second, you have to ensure your items are safe and will survive the journey. Thirdly, you have to handle the items and boxes and move them from your home to the moving truck. With all of that in mind, the best way to ensure you feel the least amount of stress during this period is to hire Nationwidemovers. Apart from the stress, you might feel, moving and lifting heavy or fragile objects can directly pose a threat to your physical well-being. In most cases, having a helping hand or two is the best way to avoid injuries during relocation. Therefore, avoid moving and lifting all by yourself. Instead, rely on a professional moving company or help from your friends and family.

How should you avoid injuries during relocation?

Yes, hiring professional movers might end up costing you more money than usual. However, the advantages one will gain from such services exceed the financial issues. Namely, hiring professional movers when moving from Miami to California, for example, helps you avoid lifting heavy and bulky items and furniture. More importantly, not only will their services help you prevent hurting yourself, but they will also ensure your items are in safe hands.

a man carrying a wooden table in a proper manner to avoid injuries during relocation
Carrying heavy and bulky items has to be done in a proper manner and in most cases, with proper equipment

When injuring yourself, there are two issues that will arise from that. The first one is that you will be unable to continue with the relocation process. The second one is that you will probably damage some of the items if you do continue. So, what should you do?

  • Hire professional movers
  • If you are lifting items, do it properly
  • The heavier the object, the more help you will require
  • Use adequate equipment

Hire professional movers

The first thing you can do is hire a professional moving company to help you move. Especially if you are moving some expensive, fragile items like antiquities. Additionally, if you plan on moving heavier objects, professional movers can help you ensure their safety. First of all, professional movers have a lot of experience with relocating different items. Secondly, they are most likely going to use adequate equipment to ensure the items do not hurt someone and suffer damage. Thirdly, professional moving companies will rarely show up with a small workforce. This means that, after evaluating the items you have to move, as well as their complexity, they will show up with the right amount of movers. Moreover, if you still worry about the safety of your items, you can always sign an insurance policy with the company. Doing a DIY moving method is not always worth it.

Do not underestimate the weight of certain items

Items like furniture, appliances, or specialty items like pianos or pool tables, are quite heavy. In most cases, one or two people will rarely be able to lift and carry those items to the moving truck. Therefore, you should never underestimate the weight of such items. The bigger the item you are moving is, the higher the chances are you will hurt yourself.

a couple lifting a couch
Most of the furniture in your home will require a helping hand when moving them

If you decide to do it yourself and want to avoid injuries during relocation, ask for help. Call your friends or family to come and help you slowly and carefully carry those items. Additionally, in most cases, these bulky and heavy items can be disassembled. This means that you can break the item down into smaller pieces and safely move them to where you want. Disassembling those items is the fastest and safest way to relocate them.

How to properly lift items to avoid injuries during relocation?

If moving by yourself, you have to know how to approach the items you are moving. In most cases, people injure themselves due to a lack of experience in lifting heavy objects. Again, if you lack proper experience, your best solution is hiring professional movers. Especially if you plan on moving sensitive equipment. The way you carry and work with these items will determine how safe you and the items are. Before you start moving, make sure you can tackle each of these issues. If you start moving and you cannot lift a certain item, you will likely make a mistake and end up injured or with a broken item.

Lift with your legs, not with your back

Many people make the mistake of lifting items with their back muscles. If you think you are not one of them, try lifting a heavy object and see which muscle is the most active. When lifting a heavier object, your spine needs to have a little curve. Next, your head needs to look forward, not downwards. After you grasp the item, lift it with your legs. This way, you can avoid serious back or abdomen injuries.

a man lifting a box of books from the floor
Start from the crouching position as it will ensure that you will use your legs when lifting

Lifting heavy objects in a proper manner is the best safety precaution. During the whole process of lifting, your back has to have a natural curve to it. This way, you reduce the stress from your back and prevent having your back injured.

Take it slow

We understand that you might be in a rush. Furthermore, we understand that you want this process to be over with as soon as possible. However, bear in mind that you are dealing with very heavy and fragile objects. Therefore, the slower you work, the safer you and your items are. Being in a rush, especially when carrying a heavy item is not a good way to avoid injuries during relocation. Moreover, this will likely cause an injury. If that happens, while you are carrying an item, chances are that the item will suffer damage as well. For that reason, you should take things slow. Do not hurry and think about the safety of yourself, as well as the item, the whole time.

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