How to avoid fraudulent interstate movers

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Relocating is stressful as it is but there is always room for something bad to happen along the way. Yes, you will organize, prepare an adequate budget, and pack safely for moving from Florida to California. But if you find a fraudulent moving company, everything can fall apart. Therefore, let us point out all the red flags and teach you how to avoid fraudulent interstate movers. This is a simple process and once you read our piece, it will stay with you forever. Let’s take a look.

Moving companies without a license are obviously fraudulent

To cut your search in half right from the start, we will tell you that any moving company without a license is out of the question. All legit moving companies, no matter how big all small should be accredited and registered in the state they work in. If your movers have permits to work cross-state, they should have licenses for it as well. So, when searching for Florida movers, this is the first thing you want to check. Of course, the other important things your movers must possess are the following:

  • Tools and equipment.
  • Appropriately sized vehicle.
  • Moving services required.
  • Moving insurance.
  • Knowledge, experience, and expertise.
avoid fraudulent interstate movers that do not have a license
Your moving company must have working permits along with all required tools and equipment for the job.

This is just a bare minimum for a moving company to perform within a moving industry. There is a wide pallet of safety standards, rules, regulations, and more. They must follow and comply if they want to bring a premium service to the customer. This customer is you and you want to avoid fraudulent interstate movers. Therefore, you must research your movers and check everything we mentioned before even contacting them.

Do your research

Now, we all have our personal requirements and search criteria to implement while searching for the best cross country movers Florida. Although, to avoid fraudulent interstate movers you must stick to the universal checkup before deciding who to hire. Yes, each relocation is unique but the foundation of each relocation is almost the same. Therefore, begin your search on the internet and apply your search criteria. Isolate possible candidates and narrow your search down by browsing moving services, prices, and reviews. Read a few blogs and social media comments as well.

Then, check the US Movers Association, the Better Business Bureau, or FMCSA. You can even shuffle through the Yellow pages. As long as you can find your movers listed online with a physical address and contact info, it is good.

Avoid fraudulent interstate movers by obtaining referrals and word of mouth

Another way to protect yourself against fraud is to obtain referrals from friends or acquaintances. Maybe one of your relatives had an amazing experience with one of the local moving companies and they can recommend a professional moving service. As you know, word of mouth is one of the best ways for a good recommendation to travel far. Therefore, ask everyone you know if they can connect you with a legit, affordable, and reliable moving company. Do it before you even begin your search on the internet.

a young man browsing on his laptop
Do your research and find your movers online or obtain referrals from friends and family. It is entirely your choice.

Avoid fraudulent interstate movers that have an aggressive approach

Ok, the other side can seem legit up to a point when you are about to receive onsite estimates. It is a moment when the “service harassment” begins. Fraudulent moving companies usually have a goal to sell you as many services as they can. If you want and need packing services Florida only, but you already have all your packing materials, they can push hard to sell you the materials as well. Of course with an excuse that this is included in the service and it cant be separated. If you have already signed a moving contract, you will have no other choice than to buy another batch of packing materials just to get over with it.

It is an awful feeling when all your items are packed and your hands are tied in a situation like this. Then you must oblige and waste money on frauds and scams like this one. And there are many others of course tied to all kinds of moving services out there. But as long as you know what you want to purchase and if you take a closer look at your moving contract before you sign one, you should be good.

You are not obligated to purchase any services your movers offer

As a matter of fact, you are not obligated to purchase any services apart from the basic coverage. Your movers may suggest services that can make your relocation easier. But if you realize that the number of services is piling up, then this should be a red flag. Some of those services you surely do not need and movers will try to sell just to rip you off. So, as we explained earlier, any kind of aggressive approach is not welcomed. Some services are useful while others obsolete for you. It is purely situational and up to you to decide. Remember this when the time comes.

red flag on the hill
If your movers are trying to sell you a bunch of services you do not need, that is a red flag right there.

The payment method is important

Probably the most obvious moment to realize that you are dealing with a fraudulent moving company is when you discuss the payment method. Most of the moving companies ask for a 20% down payment to secure the agreement. And all is written down in black and white in the moving contract. Any kind of cash transaction is prohibited unless you are tipping your movers and that is an entirely different story. So, you will pay your movers via credit card only and only upon the delivery. So, if your movers ask for half of the money upfront or even the full sum, you should double-check the company or even report them to the authorities. This is not a common practice within the moving industry and it should be frowned upon.

Ok, now you are equipped with knowledge on how to spot and avoid fraudulent interstate movers. The most important this is not to generalize and let the misconceptions spread because fraud can happen anywhere. The moving industry has its share of fraudulent companies and now you know how to bypass them. Good luck and hopefully you won’t have to deal with any of them.

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