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Each city, or even a town, will have something to offer to those that come to live there or even visit. As far as visits go, there are several cities in the US that are full of different attractions and amenities that attract people to come and see. One of those cities is San Francisco. However, did you know that there are many hidden gems of San Francisco that many people simply disregard? Well, today we are going to shine a light on these gems and help you get to know the city much better. So, if you plan on moving to the City by the Bay, consider hiring AmeriSafe Moving Services to help you relocate. Furthermore, regardless if you are moving there or simply visiting, there are things, things outside of the “mainstream”, that is a must-see and visit. Let us talk about those locations.

Hidden gems of San Francisco everyone should know about

San Francisco is considered a cultural, financial, and commercial center of the state of California. it is the 17th most populous city in the US and 4th most populous in California with around 875.000 residents living in it. The cool summers, steep rolling hills, a mix of architecture and landscapes are just some of the main reasons San Francisco attracts so many visitors throughout the year. Furthermore, some of the locations you should seek to visit are:

  • The Wave Organ
  • Mount Sutro
  • Farallon Islands
  • Moss Beach Distillery
a landscape of hidden gems of San Francisco and the local neighborhoods
Aside from the most popular amenities, San Francisco has so many more cultural and historical things to show

However, these are not the things we are going to talk about today. Granted, if you are moving from Miami to San Francisco, for example, you should visit these locations. On the other hand, there is so much more to see and that is what we will be focusing on today.

The Wave Organ

What do you get when you combine rocks with tunnels inside them and the natural flow of the ocean? Well, you get a cool musical instrument of course! The Wave Organ is a design by Peter Richards and George Gonzales that was made in the 1980s. Namely, it is located at the top of a jet in the San Francisco marina and it is a musical instrument that uses the ocean waves to create sounds. If you want to hear the best sound this unique organ makes, you should visit it during the high tides. Furthermore, by taking materials from a demolished cemetery, these two artists created a natural-looking organ that creates sounds as waves hit the rocks. As the water goes down through the tubes, they create sometimes spooky organ sounds. However, as tides change, so does the sound.

Mount Sutro: A forest in the clouds

Do you love nature and everything it has to offer? What if we told you that, even if you are visiting San Francisco, you can visit one of the most breathtaking forests in the area? Now, Mount Sutro might be familiar with some of the residents, but not so much to visitors. Namely, this century-old forest of eucalyptus trees spreads over 80 acres of mountainside and goes as high as 200 feet.

fog falling over a forest
As the mist falls on the treetops, Mount Sutro will give you a feeling of being in the clouds

If you are looking for a magical experience on this mountain, simply wait for foggy days to come and the mist to fall on the treetops. Moreover, if you decide to visit the forest during the weekdays, there is a high chance that you will be the only person on that hike. More importantly, if you are moving from Florida to California, Mount Sutro is one of the hidden gems of San Francisco you should not miss.

Farallon Islands are one of many hidden gems of San Francisco you need to see

27 miles away from the San Francisco coast, nestled in the Gulf of the Farallones NationwideMarine Sanctuary, you will find the Farallon Islands. This is a food-rich ecosystem that attracts different marine wildlife onto it. Because traveling to the location might be a bit dangerous, given that there are white shark feeding grounds near, you ought to take a tour boat. However, if you plan on going to visit the islands, we advise that you do it in nicer weather. There is no special reason really. Just the fact that you will be able to enjoy the view much more in nice weather. Furthermore, you can find 18 different species of dolphins and whales, around 250.000 seabirds, and beaches full of sea lions. To put it in short terms, Farallon Islands are a beautiful and quite unique Californian attraction. More importantly, they will leave marine lovers in awe.

Moss Beach Distillery

If you are planning on moving, besides having to plan for the weather in California, you should also plan for a nice getaway dinner after your relocation. This getaway dinner will help you relax and de-stress after the big move. This is especially important if you were moving on large distances. So, once you finally relocate, you would probably want a nice, secluded location that you can enjoy with your partner, family, or friends. Well, one of those places is Moss Beach Distillery.

a woman in a red sweater drinking wine
If you are looking for a place with a nice view to relax after moving, Moss Beach Distillery has what you need

Namely, the distillery is around a 20-minute drive south of San Francisco. It provides its visitors with an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean and offers both inside and outside dining options. Furthermore, the restaurant has a long history, dating back to the 1920s. Another interesting fact is that the location is known for the “Blue Lady”, a spirit that allegedly haunts the location.

There is so much more you can see and do in this city

San Francisco is a very diverse city. Both in demographics and things that you can do in it. If we could come up with a list of all the things that you can see and do while in the city, it would be endless. From amazing forests to cable car museums and various murals or mosaics. The city really does not shy away from its authenticity and uniqueness. There are hidden gems of San Francisco on almost every corner in this city and there is no reason for you not to visit them. Of course, you should also visit the most famous landmarks of the city. However, do not neglect the other amenities as well.

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