Expanding your Florida business to California in 2022 – how to prepare

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Relocation is always such a complex event and it will bring so much to it. This is true every time, but especially if you are about to relocate your business. And even more – to another state. So you have to be well informed. And we are here to tell you things you need to know when expanding your Florida business to California this year. And the first you should do is to hire an experienced moving company to help you. A company like AmeriSafe Moving Services Florida will lift the burden from your shoulders and you will never regret hiring them.

How to choose the right moving company?

So when you have a lot to do, the last thing you want is to hire amateur movers and realize that they are not able to handle all situations that can occur. And let’s be honest: anything can happen on a moving day. If you have a friend or colleague who moved recently, they can give you a recommendation. But since this is often not the case, look for a reliable moving company to help you relocate if you are moving from Florida to California. You want to hire someone who is really experienced with the specific kind of service you need.

moving company men
Find an experienced moving company to help you with your relocation.

So looking for a specific service is a really great filter when it comes to choosing movers. You should look for interstate movers Florida. And once you find a company that seems interesting to you, go to their website, read all you can find about them, and search how long they are on the market. You can even look for the certificates their team has. And always read the reviews that other people left. Because their experience can change your mind. If they are close to you, you can go to their office for an initial interview and ask them to show you their equipment.

How to prepare on expanding your Florida business to California

If you are about on expanding your Florida business to California, you better be well prepared. It is not said lightly that good preparation is half of the job. And you will most probably find some amazing things you never thought of before, like how to organize your green relocation from Florida to another state. So let’s see now some important information you have to know. Oftentimes, when you expand to another state, you may be filling a “foreign entity” with the secretary of state where you are expanding. You don’t have to move your company to a new place, the rules are just not the same for every state.

people talking about expanding your Florida business to California
Prepare on expanding your Florida business to California.

Foreign LLC

California will need your foreign LLC if your company is formed in another state. Foreign doesn’t mean that you are from another country, but rather that your business is organized under the laws of some other state. There is also a domestic LLC. That one is formed under the state where you are doing your business. This is a common thing all over the United States. We will give you an example that an LLC that is formed in Arizona will be a foreign LLC in Colorado state.

If you are moving to a new market, it is exciting and has a great potential payoff. If you are too hasty it can have some bad consequences that can harm your business instead of paying off. Never skip on doing research. Follow it with some plan and rules ahead. Because you will probably have an additional expense. And always have in mind that your expansion is the goal. Success is what you’re aiming for and you want to do it the right way.

Transaction to California with your business

The LLC Act in California will ask you to register your foreign company with the state of Cali if you are about to transact your business. Like in most other states, the LLC Act in California doesn’t define the phrase “transacting business” in relation to your foreign registration. But the state laws governing will provide information in which cases the foreign companies have to collect state sales tax in their state. In a situation like this, a business has to be physically present in the state so that the state order will require collecting state sales tax from the state’s residents. That physical presence will mean that the company must have one of those things: their warehouse in the state, a store, an office, or at least a sales representative. It is possible that some exceptions could be applied. Also, things get more complicated with the internet sale.

Get yourself a  new space

Since it is always such a challenge to move to another state, we have to remind you that you already doing your business, so you have some experience of what you need. That will make it easier to know what exactly you need in another state and to look for that specific. Another thing is the number of employees you need there. Talk to your team, maybe one of them would like to relocate. That will make it even easier for you to relocate your business. This is because you will have in your new office a person who already knows your work ethic and some office rules you have.

Find new office space for your business.

Don’t be afraid of expanding your Florida business to California

So we really tried to give you some important information on expanding your Florida business to California. Since you now know these things, you should feel more calm and confident. You can do it, for sure. Continue your search or talk to someone who’s done a similar thing. That conversation could bring you some more light. That also can support you in an idea of why this will be so good for you and your business. Look for information until you feel good enough. Only then, start actually proceeding with it.



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