Best coworking spaces in Delray Beach

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Delray Beach, known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant community, is also home to some of the best coworking spaces. These spaces offer professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and connectivity. As nationwide movers from our network bring more people to this sunny locale, the demand for quality coworking spaces has risen. In this guide, we explore the top coworking spaces in Delray Beach, each offering unique features and environments to suit various working styles and needs. Whether you’re a local or new to the area, discover the best coworking spaces in Delray Beach to boost your productivity and creativity.

What to look for in the best coworking spaces in Delray Beach?

Before you pick the right space, make sure that you analyze what you truly need. Furthermore, you can search our network of local movers Florida available in Delray Beach and its nearby area to see where the best commercial properties are. For that reason, it’s crucial that you get to know the details that you find important. Even the smallest of things can improve the work process. Here are the things we think are extremely important, such as:

  • Comfort and design
  • Technology and connectivity
  • Location and accessibility
  • Flexibility and diversity of plans
  • Additional facilities
A modern working space
Take all the necessary factors into consideration when picking the right place.

Comfort and design should be your priorities

When selecting a coworking space in Delray Beach, comfort and design are crucial. It’s similar when exploring the commercial movers Florida companies trust from our network of movers. A well-designed workspace can significantly enhance productivity and overall satisfaction. Ideal coworking spaces offer ergonomic furniture, such as comfortable chairs and adjustable desks, to support long work hours without discomfort. The design should be pleasing and functional, with a layout that promotes concentration and collaboration. Natural light, quiet zones, and communal areas are important features. These elements create an environment that fosters focus and efficiency and encourages creativity and interaction among coworkers. For professionals seeking a conducive work environment, these aspects are key in choosing the right coworking space.

Don’t overlook technology and connectivity

In your search for the ideal coworking space in Delray Beach, it’s essential to consider technology and connectivity. A reliable and fast internet connection is a fundamental need for most professionals today. Even when looking for a home and you’re using some of the residential movers Florida locals rely on from our network, things aren’t too different. Coworking spaces should offer high-speed Wi-Fi to ensure seamless online meetings and efficient work processes. Additionally, access to modern tech amenities like printing and scanning services, audio-visual equipment for presentations, and secure data storage can greatly enhance your work experience. These technological features are not just conveniences. Above all, they are vital tools that support a wide range of professional activities. Therefore, when choosing a coworking space, make sure it meets your tech needs to maintain productivity and connectivity.

The right location and accessibility can make a huge difference

Choosing the right location and accessibility for a coworking space in Delray Beach is vital. A well-located coworking space offers more than just a place to work. Above all, it provides convenience and opportunities for networking. That’s why it’s crucial to check out before you explore the moving companies Delray Beach citizens vouch for from our network. Look for spaces easily accessible by public transport or ample parking if you drive. Being close to other businesses, cafes, and shops can also be beneficial, allowing for easy errands or casual business meetings. A central location can also be a hub for local events and gatherings, offering more chances to connect with other professionals. The right location combines practicality with the opportunity to be part of a vibrant community, making your workday both efficient and enjoyable.

A small office with a table in it
Pick the right location.

Your space needs to offer flexibility and a variety of plans

When looking for the best coworking spaces in Delray Beach, it’s essential to find places that offer flexible options. These spaces should cater to different work styles and schedules. For instance, some professionals might need a quiet, private area for focused work, while others might prefer open spaces for collaboration. When you use long distance movers Delray Beach dwellers endorse for your business, you will have just a certain flexibility when it comes to space. Additionally, offering a range of plans, from hourly to monthly memberships, allows individuals and teams to choose what best fits their needs and budget. This flexibility makes coworking spaces in Delray Beach ideal for a diverse group of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers, providing them with the right environment to be productive and creative.

Additional facilities are extremely important

In Delray Beach’s best coworking spaces, additional facilities play a crucial role in enhancing the work experience. These spaces often include amenities like well-equipped kitchens, relaxation areas, and even fitness centers. Access to these facilities can greatly improve work-life balance, offering convenience and a chance to unwind without leaving the workspace. For instance, a quick workout during a break or a comfortable lounge for informal meetings can boost productivity and creativity. These additional features are not just perks. Overall, they are essential components that contribute to a fulfilling and efficient work environment, especially for those who spend significant time in coworking spaces.

People inside one of the best coworking spaces in Delray Beach
What facilities does your coworking space need to have?

What are the best coworking spaces in Delray Beach?

Now that we have gone over some important details about choosing the perfect office space and workspace, it’s important to look at concrete examples. Each coworking space we’ll present will have its own benefits. Overall, we’re sure that they can be more than useful for your business or company. Here are the ones that we think stand out in Delray Beach, including:

  • Office 55 Delray Beach
  • Seed Coworking Space Delray Beach
  • Khospace
  • Regus – Delray Beach – The Arbors

Office 55 Delray Beach

Office 55 Delray Beach stands out as a prime coworking space, offering a blend of executive office suites, virtual offices, meeting rooms, and a Coworking Club. Located in the heart of Downtown Delray Beach, it’s a hub for freelancers, startups, investors, and businesses. The space is designed with a modern and energizing style, featuring a striking Deco frontage and a sleek interior palette of blues, greens, copper, and cocoa. It offers various workspace options, including private offices, a coworking club, and virtual office services.

The private offices are available at $120/day, while the coworking space is $350/month. The virtual office service is also priced at $145/month, and conference rooms can be rented for $55/hour. Above all, Office 55 Delray Beach also provides amenities like call answering, voicemail services, free parking, Apple TV, a kitchen and coffee bar, and networking events, making it an ideal location for professionals seeking a dynamic and well-equipped working environment.

Seed Coworking Space Delray Beach

Seed Coworking Space in Delray Beach offers a refreshing approach to the coworking concept, blending balance, productivity, and style. It caters to diverse professionals, from solo freelancers to growing businesses. The space features bright, open-plan shared areas and modern private offices, providing flexibility for different work styles. Seed stands out with its holistic approach to coworking, emphasizing smart working and a balance between work and play. The amenities include meeting rooms, a Zen room for private calls, a spacious kitchen, a virtual mailbox, printing services, complimentary coffee, flexible working plans, super-fast Wi-Fi, and on-site parking. This environment fosters productivity and creativity, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a dynamic and supportive coworking community in Delray Beach.

A compact office
Feel productive in one of the best coworking spaces in Delray Beach.


Khospace in Delray Beach offers a unique, flexible coworking environment, especially for therapy and wellness professionals. This space provides hourly rental options, allowing for cost-effective use of office space. The design of Khospace is tailored specifically for therapy sessions, ensuring a professional and comfortable environment for both practitioners and clients. With 24/7 access, therapists can offer their services at any time, catering to the needs of their clients. Additionally, the community aspect of Khospace encourages networking and support among professionals. This coworking space is ideal for those in the wellness industry seeking a flexible, well-designed, supportive work environment.

Regus – Delray Beach – The Arbors

Regus – Delray Beach – The Arbors offers a modern, bright workspace that fosters creativity and productivity. Located in a high-class business destination surrounded by palm trees, this location adds a touch of tranquility to your work environment. The interior design features indigo walls, lime green chairs, and clear Perspex across the ceiling, creating an inspiring and professional environment. This space is not just about looks. On top of that, it includes practical amenities like a state-of-the-art gym, making it easy to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Plus, its location in Delray Beach means you’re close to art galleries, upscale shops, and quality restaurants, perfect for after-work relaxation or client entertainment. With flexible office space options, Regus – The Arbors caters to individuals, teams, and companies, offering a customizable and inspiring setting for all types of professional needs.

A person working in an office
Make sure you and your employees feel good in the new space.

Workspaces in the Delray Beach area

Even looking outside of Delray Beach might be good for your company. Especially if you have looked at some of the pros and cons of moving to Delray Beach and might want some quality workspace outside of it. If you don’t mind exploring areas just outside of the city, you can find some gems when it comes to workspaces. To truly convince you, let’s talk about some of them, including:

  • The Flamingo House
  • Delray Executive Suite
  • Questo Workspaces Boca Raton

The Flamingo House

The Flamingo House in Boca Raton offers a unique coworking experience that stands out among the best coworking spaces in Delray Beach and beyond. This thoughtfully curated environment is designed to balance productivity with a personal touch. It provides a range of options, including private offices, day rates, and monthly work club memberships, along with spaces for meetings, events, podcasts, and studios. The Flamingo House emphasizes community building and offers amenities like fast Wi-Fi, private phone booths, complimentary caffeine stations, and a community garden. It’s where remote workers, founders, creators, and entrepreneurs can find an inspiring and supportive community. Therefore, this space is ideal for those seeking a coworking environment that combines practical work needs with a strong sense of community and creative inspiration.

Delray Executive Suite

Delray Beach Executive Suite offers a professional and convenient coworking space for businesses and individuals in Delray Beach. Located on the vibrant Atlantic Avenue, it provides a prestigious address and various office solutions. The space includes fully furnished offices, state-of-the-art conference rooms, and virtual office plans, starting at affordable rates. Additional amenities like on-site live receptionist services, business support services, high-speed internet, and free private parking make it an ideal choice for those seeking a professional environment. The 24/7 office access and proximity to key locations like the South County Courthouse and Delray Beach Police Department add to its appeal. Delray Beach Executive Suite is a smart choice for anyone looking for a flexible and upscale office space in Delray Beach.

A person drinking a beverage and doing work
Why limit yourself to the best coworking spaces in Delray Beach?

Quest Workspaces Boca Raton

Quest Workspaces in Boca Raton, located at 1200 N. Federal Hwy, Suite 300, is an excellent choice for those seeking a coworking space in the Delray Beach area. This location offers a range of options. Those options include private offices, hybrid offices, coworking spaces, meeting and event rooms, and virtual services. The private offices are available 24/7, fully furnished, and include high-speed internet. On top of that, there’s a café with unlimited coffee and tea and a receptionist service. Not to mention that coworking options cater to different needs, offering hot, flex, or dedicated desks.

For meetings or events, there are fully equipped rooms available for booking. Additionally, the virtual services provide a prestigious address, mail management, and phone answering services. The location is convenient, being close to Mizner Park. On top of that, it’s less than a mile from the Brightline high-speed rail service and offers complimentary parking. This makes Quest Workspaces not just a place to work but a hub for networking and community, ideal for professionals and teams seeking a sophisticated and flexible working environment.

Working from home is also a great option

Working from home offers several employee benefits, making it a valuable option alongside coworking spaces. One of the main advantages is the flexibility it provides. Employees can organize their work around personal responsibilities, improving work-life balance and job satisfaction. Additionally, many find that working from home increases productivity due to fewer distractions.

Financially, remote workers earn more than in-office workers, with an average salary difference of about $19,000. This can be attributed to the potential for increased productivity and the ability to take on more responsibilities. However, it’s important to note that remote work also comes with challenges. One of them is the potential for increased burnout. That results from constant digital communication and difficulty feeling connected to coworkers. Balancing these aspects is key to making working from home a successful part of a company’s work culture.

Make the best of your workspace

Exploring the best coworking spaces in Delray Beach reveals a diverse range of options. Each of them is catering to different preferences and work styles. From the atmosphere of The Flamingo House to the environment of Regus – The Arbors, Delray Beach offers ideal spaces. As you can see, these spaces provide excellent amenities and networking opportunities and contribute to a balanced work-life in this thriving community. Whether you’re a local entrepreneur, a remote worker, or just passing through, Delray Beach’s coworking spaces will meet your needs.

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