5 Best Cities to Move to and Start a New Life

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From time to time, we all wish for a big change in our life. Big changes usually represent a fresh start and moving out of your current home is surely viewed as a fresh start. Today, we talk about the best cities to move to and start a new life in. Furthermore, we will try to wrap everything that makes the city worth living in. Because we want to move to a place where we can feel at home and that can provide us with opportunities, knowing which are the current best cities to do so is very valuable. However, moving, on its own, is not an easy task to complete. So, why not consider hiring a professional moving company, like NationwideMovers, to help you do this properly? Finding a good place to call home is one thing; being able to relocate without issues is another.

5 of the best cities to move to and start a new life in

The United States of America is full of amazing cities, towns, and villages. Each of them will provide a different lifestyle, as well as different living conditions. As people, we all have different needs and desires. Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people have decided that it is time to change their lifestyle. When you want to do that, the first thing you want to do is find a new place to live.

a crosswalk in one of the best cities to move to and start a new life with a crowd of people on it
The pandemic changed the way people view their life and what they seek in the near future

Because each state, city, or town has something different to offer, it is crucial that you do proper research before moving. Of course, in this article, we will help you learn more about the cities that are great for starting fresh. However, this does not mean that you should not spend time researching this subject on your own. The more you know before moving, the better choices you will make.

Austin, Texas

  • Population: 986.190
  • Median home value and rent: $337.400 / $1.280
  • Median household income: $71.580

Welcome to the second-most populous city in the US. The capital of Texas, Austin, is the seat, as well as the largest city in Travis County. Ever since 2010, Austin has been at the top of the list when it comes to the fastest-growing cities in the country. Unlike the cost of living in LA, Austin is a much cheaper and more affordable solution. In addition, whatever you are seeking to findAustin can provide it for you. With highly-rated public schools, Austin is at the top of the list for a lot of families. Additionally, it is also home to a lot of younger professionals that come to invest in their careers here. In fact, Austin is also a business and technology center. With a very diverse population, Austin will welcome everyone that wants to live there.

Alexandria, Virginia

  • Population:163.970
  • Median home value and rent: $573.000 / $1.750
  • Median household income: $101.000
a man drinking coffee while working on his laptop
The main advantage of Alexandria is its proximity to Washington D.C, which is the main reason a lot of young professionals rank it as one of the best cities to move to and start a new life

When talking about Alexandria, Virginia, we have to talk about the location of the city. Although slightly expensive to live in, Alexandria offers its residents a great mixture of a city lifestyle with nature in the proximity. Additionally, due to its location, the city is also heavily influenced by the country’s capital, which is nearby. The main reason why Alexandria is on the list of best cities to move to and start a new life is due to its location. You can live in the city while working in D.C. or another city in the vicinity. Furthermore, the overall diverse community that lives in the city supports artists, as well as cultural enthusiasts that want to bring more authenticity to the city. Moving to Alexandria will be easier with long distance moving companies Florida.

Best cities to move to and start a new life: Boulder, Colorado

  • Population: 105.003
  • Median home value and rent: $700.000 / $1.555
  • Median household income: $69.520

A lot of locals say that living in Boulder, Colorado is one of the best things they did for their mental health. Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, 25 miles from the state capital of Denver, Boulder offers an urban-suburban feeling to the residents. Although it might seem expensive, the city of Boulder has a really strong job market. Not only is this city known as themost open-minded city in Colorado“, but also as the healthiest and the happiest. Living in Boulder usually means living a peaceful lifestyle in an urban environment, with nature all around you for any outdoor activities. Moving to Boulder will allow you to turn to yourself more.

Delray Beach, Florida

  • Population: 70.000
  • Median home value and rent: $ 280.200 / $1.560
  • Median household income: $60.800
a palm tree with two buildings in the background
Delray Beach offers you a lifestyle on the coastline with the ability to work in nearby cities

Everybody needs a little sunshine in their life. So, why not move to Delray Beach in Florida? The whole state of Florida is known for its sunny weather and beautiful sandy beaches. Hence, moving to this location, using moving companies Delray Beach services will allow you to live a lifestyle on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Delray Beach is in Palm Beach County, Florida, and is located roughly 50 miles away from Miami. Great weather, people and outdoor activities are just some of the reasons you will like it here. In addition, Delray Beach is close to Fort Lauderdale, which offers more job opportunities or business options.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • Population: 198.920
  • Median home value and rent: $143.400 / $930
  • Median household income: $50.110

The final city on our list of best cities to move to and start a new life is the city of Grand Rapids, in the state of Michigan. Grand Rapids is a densely urban location that prides itself on its inclusivity. Being a large supporter of the LGBTQ+ population, Grand Rapids earned its name as an open community that welcomes everyone. Because of this, it attracts a lot of families and younger professionals. In addition, Grand Rapids is an ideal metropolitan city to live in if you are looking for affordability and a low cost of living. More importantly, the city has a low unemployment rate, which attracts a lot of young professionals there.

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